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Built-in Bunk Beds

built in bunk beds coastal

I’ve always dreamed of having a beach house with a room full of built-in bunk beds so the kids could have all their friends sleepover. Whilst this dream may never become a reality, I wanted to share some amazing built-in bunkbed designs I’ve found, with fun and clever details. This is what I’m dreaming right? […]

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Glass Pendant Lights for the Kitchen

glass pendant lights kitchen

Have you noticed how popular glass pendant lights have become for the kitchen? They provide great light  as the clear shade allows light to travel upwards as well as down on the kitchen bench.  You will however need to have a pretty light bulb and be prepared to clean it.  I’ve rounded up some glass pendant […]

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Stylish Front Entrance

Stylish front entrance. Create a Stylish  and sophisticated entry to your home.  I have a path leading to my front door, framed with a boxed  (Masters) hedge, iceberg roses (Roses Direct) and standard lily pilly ( Bunnings) trees.  I love a symmetrical look with two planter pots either side of my door with a standard ficus tree ( Bunnings) […]

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Why You Need a Bed head

pottery barn upholstered bed

All beds should have a bedhead.  Sorry, but beds without a bedhead are like a lamp with no lampshade. They just look wrong and unfinished. This bed would look so plain without a bed head.  Bedheads provide height and structure to the bed, creating a focal point. They create visual interest and often form the base for the colours and […]

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Apartment Living – Paris Style

Apartment Living Paris style.  Paris is a beautiful city that I would love to visit.  Decorating your apartment or home Paris Style is the next best thing. Mix old decor items with new which is what I love to do in my home and add art works and books to create a Paris living space […]

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Navy Blue Boys Bedrooms

navy blue boys bedroom

From the time my son was only a toddler, I chose navy blue for his bedroom decor. There’s just something about navy blue that seems to work so well in boys bedrooms, from toddlers right through to teenagers. Source – Decor Pad From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible.  It represents inner […]

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Espalier Trees for your garden

I am always looking for new projects for my garden.  Espalier trees are the process of training trees, shrubs, and woody vines against a flat surface, such as a wall. You can also train them to a freestanding fence or trellis using any type of fruit tree, such as pears and apples which are most popular […]

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