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Bamboo Furniture Collection

Alfresco Emporium have added a new range of bamboo furniture to their existing collection.  The natural beauty of this collection will add a tropical island feel to your home.  It reminds me of the Bahamas or Raffles Hotel Singapore style.  The new collection includes a wine bar, bookcase, wine bucket on stand, desk with chair and coat rack.

Bamboo furniture is not an exception to the growing popularity of bamboo products. Bamboo furniture is a great eco-friendly option to hardwood.

Bamboo Furniture Collection
Bamboo Furniture Collection

Bamboo is a sustainable material. Bamboo is also durable, beautiful, and versatile. Bamboo is a versatile material that allows you to create any type of furniture. Your imagination is the only limit.

What is Bamboo Furniture?

Bamboo furniture is just that – furniture made from bamboo.

Bamboo is not wood, unlike traditional furniture. Bamboo is actually a grass that grows incredibly fast and requires less water than trees. It also does not require any pesticides or fertilizers to grow, so it is 100% natural.

Bamboo is a durable and flexible material that can be used to make a variety of home furnishings, from outdoor furniture to indoor decor.

Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of furniture pieces.

Bamboo Furniture Types

Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used for furniture in every room of your house. Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used for furniture in every room of your home, from the bedroom to the outdoors.

Here are some ways you can incorporate Bamboo Furniture in your home.

Bamboo Furniture Pros

Bamboo furniture is a great option for your home.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is a plant that grows quickly and uses less resources and water than wood. It can be grown anywhere. Bamboo’s rapid growth allows it to absorb carbon dioxide quickly and produce oxygen. This is a big win, as it will help to slow down climate change.

Bamboo will continue to grow because, unlike trees that can be cut down, bamboo is a plant that can be harvested.

Bamboo furniture is biodegradable, so it will be re-used by nature.

Strong and durable

Bamboo is not weak because it’s lightweight. Bamboo’s dense fibres allow it to resist intense impact. It’s so durable that it is used in Nigeria as a substitute for construction materials.

Bamboo scaffolding is widely used in Hong Kong for construction. The bamboo is lightweight and strong, making it easy to transport through the narrow streets of Hong Kong. It can be used to support your home if it is being used for supporting structures.

You may have seen the bamboo scaffolding in Rush Hour, starring Jackie Chan.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is not something that anyone enjoys. Bamboo is easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo is very easy to maintain and clean. You can clean your bamboo furniture with a soft cloth and soapy, warm water.

Easy to Move

Ethnic Bamboo Furniture
Ethnic Bamboo Furniture

It can be difficult to move heavy furniture, especially if your bedroom is constantly changing.

Bamboo furniture is lighter and easier to move than traditional hardwood furniture.

Bamboo furniture is a great option for those who move frequently and do not want to ask their friends to assist them. It can also save your back and reduce the amount of time you spend on moving.

Comfortable and cooling

Bamboo is a great material for furniture because it’s comfortable and cool.

The flexible and durable nature of bamboo furniture allows it to bend with the weight of a person, making it comfortable for a person to sit on. Bamboo furniture is cool to touch because of its moisture-wicking qualities.

Bamboo furniture is very popular in China because bamboo gets extremely hot. It was necessary to sleep on bamboo mats in China to avoid the heat and humidity.

Beautiful patterns and designs

Bamboo furniture is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs.

Bamboo is a flexible, lightweight material that can be easily manipulated to create unique patterns for your home. Bamboo can also be used to make simple, clean furniture like a bamboo desk or bookshelf.

There are many options.

Add Warmth to your Home

Bamboo’s natural warm earthy colour can add warmth to any space in your home.

The calming brown tones instantly make the room feel more relaxed and cozy.

Bamboo’s natural texture brings the beauty of nature to your home.

Timeless Classic

Bamboo is a natural material, which makes it a great addition to any home. It gives you a feeling of being part of the nature. That’s a classic.

Bamboo is a versatile material that can easily adapt to your personal style. It’s a great eco-friendly product.

Bamboo is easy to style, and it blends well with most interior design styles. Bamboo can be used to create a minimalist, modern classic, or resort look.

Furniture should be durable, easy to maintain, comfortable and stylish. Bamboo furniture ticks all the right boxes.

Bamboo Furniture Cons

Bamboo furniture has many benefits, but there are some things to consider before you buy it.

Regular Inspection Required

Bamboo is susceptible to warping and mould, particularly in humid environments. You may not expect it to happen. Keep an eye on the situation and try to avoid excessive moisture whenever possible. To maintain bamboo’s quality, it is important to perform regular checks.

Insects can be a threat

Bamboo is a beautiful plant that attracts insects. Bamboo furniture that you purchase has likely been treated. This means that the sugar and moisture have been removed. Insects don’t like it at this stage.

Some people are still concerned because they’ve experienced it before.

Sealant will prevent your bamboo furniture being eaten. We highly recommend that you keep your bamboo furniture outdoors.


Bamboo is a strong and sturdy material, but it does have some weaknesses.

Bamboo can warp or mold if left out in the snow or rain. Direct sunlight and excessive exposure to heat can cause bamboo to dry out and crack.

Keep your furniture dry and shady at all times. This will ensure durability and shape.

You don’t need to worry about it if you are indoors. If you have a fireplace or heater, it’s best to keep them away from the heat source.

Bamboo Furniture: What to consider when buying it

Bamboo Set of Chairs and Table
Bamboo Set of Chairs and Table

Here are some things to consider before buying bamboo furniture:

Who is the retailer of your furniture?

Bamboo products of high quality and durability can be found at affordable prices. However, if it sounds too good, it may be a scam.

Keep an eye out when shopping for bamboo furniture. Look for manufacturers who are reputable and trustworthy. Verify their certifications and sources to make sure they offer quality bamboo furniture.

Bamboo Goods carefully selects its partners and affiliates to make sure they deliver the highest quality bamboo products for you.

Check the glue

Bamboo furniture doesn’t only come in bamboo.

Often, adhesive is added to hold the whole thing together.

Look out for toxic glue used to bind the bamboo. It’s bad for the environment and you.

Visit a store in person

It’s so easy to buy furniture online these days. But you can never be sure if you will like it until you actually see it.

It is best to try out the furniture in person to feel it, touch it, and interact with it.

Outdoor Bamboo Furniture Tips

Outdoor furniture can be cleaned the same way, but you should keep in mind that bamboo is a natural material and will rot and decompose if it is not properly cared for.

  • Avoid excessive moisture as it can cause bamboo to absorb moisture and warp or even mold.
  • Bamboo can be damaged by ice if it gets into the bamboo and leaves moisture behind.
  • Keep it out of the sun. Too much exposure can cause it crack.
  • Protect the bamboo during colder months by covering it or storing in a place that is dry, such as a garage or shed.
  • Bamboo can be damaged by excessive humidity, so it is important to keep the bamboo polished and sealed.

Bamboo furniture adds beauty and value to your home. Bamboo furniture is a great option if you want to make it sustainable.

Bamboo Furniture: How to Care for it

Bamboo furniture is a great and sustainable option. As with any great thing, it is important to maintain it to ensure that it lasts and reduces our environmental impact.

Simple steps are the best way to maintain bamboo furniture for many years. This is a simple four-step procedure.

  1. Use a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt and dust.
  2. To clean bamboo, use a wet washcloth and soapy water.
  3. To remove the soap residue, use a soiled cloth dampened with only water.
  4. To remove any excess water, finish with a clean, dry cloth.

When it comes to cleaning your bamboo furniture, less is more. Cleaning your bamboo furniture every few weeks will prevent damage and buildup.

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