Ikea Hamptons Style

Add some Hamptons Style to your home with these fabulous pieces from Ikea.

Ikea Hamptons Style
Ikea Hamptons Style

1.  Hemnes cabinet in white from Ikea.

2.  Ingolf chair in white from Ikea.

3.  Liatorp extendable table in white from Ikea.

4.  Ektorp armchair in check from Ikea.

5.  Ektorp armchair in Beige from Ikea.

6.  Astrid wall lamp from Ikea.

7.  Hemnes white side table from Ikea.

Creating a Hamptons-style look with IKEA furniture and decor can be both stylish and budget-friendly. Here are some tips to achieve that coastal-chic vibe:

  1. Light and Airy Colors: Opt for a palette of whites, creams, and soft pastels to mimic the breezy, light-filled interiors of Hamptons homes. IKEA has a range of furniture and decor in these colours, such as the EKTORP sofa or the LISABO coffee table.
  2. Natural Materials: Incorporate natural textures like rattan, wicker, and light woods to bring in warmth and add a relaxed feel. Look for items like the IKEA STOCKHOLM rattan armchair or the IKEA SINNERLIG pendant lamp made from bamboo.
  3. Classic Furniture Silhouettes: Choose furniture with clean lines and classic shapes reminiscent of traditional Hamptons design. Pieces like the HEMNES dresser or the BILLY bookcase are versatile options that can fit well into this style.
  4. Nautical Accents: Add subtle nautical touches with accessories like striped cushions, navy blue throws, or artwork featuring beach scenes or sailboats. IKEA often carries items like striped textiles or coastal-inspired wall art that can help achieve this look.
  5. Fresh Florals and Greenery: Bring in fresh flowers or potted plants to add a touch of natural beauty and colour to your space. Consider IKEA’s artificial plants if you prefer low-maintenance options, such as the FEJKA artificial potted plant.
  6. Mix Vintage Finds: Incorporate vintage or antique pieces for character and charm. While IKEA predominantly offers modern designs, you can mix in thrift or second-hand items like a vintage rug or a weathered wood side table to add depth to your Hamptons-style space.
  7. Layered Textiles: Layering textiles like rugs, throw blankets, and cushions can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Choose soft, textured fabrics like linen or cotton for a relaxed, beachy vibe.
  8. Lighting: Opt for plenty of natural light by keeping window treatments minimal or using sheer curtains. Enhance natural light with strategically placed lamps or pendant lights for a warm and inviting ambience during the evenings.

By combining these elements with IKEA’s affordable furniture and decor options, you can create a Hamptons-inspired oasis in your home without breaking the bank.

Hamptons Style Bedroom
Hamptons Style Bedroom

Hamptons-style bedroom ideas

Spend the day (or night) in the Hamptons. You can visit the Hamptons from your own home. Our Hamptons-style furniture will transform your bedroom into an airy coastal retreat.

Select the right palette of white, light blue and navy to create a coastal haven. Find the right bed, wardrobe and accessories for a Hamptons-inspired bedroom.

Designing a Hamptons-style bedroom involves creating a serene, coastal-inspired retreat with a focus on comfort and elegance. Here are some ideas to help you achieve that:

  1. Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a soothing palette of whites, creams, soft blues, and gentle greys for the walls, bedding, and furniture. This creates a light and airy atmosphere reminiscent of beachside cottages.
  2. Statement Bed: Invest in a classic, upholstered bed frame with clean lines and a tufted headboard for a touch of luxury. IKEA’s MALM bed frame or the HEMNES bed frame with an HJELLESTAD mattress could be suitable options.
  3. Luxurious Bedding: Dress the bed with high-quality linens in crisp white or soft pastels. Layer with a lightweight quilt or coverlet for added texture and comfort. IKEA’s ALVINE KVIST duvet cover set or the PUDERVIVA linen duvet cover could complement this style.
  4. Natural Materials: Incorporate natural materials like wood, rattan, and jute to add warmth and texture to the space. Consider a rattan headboard, a wooden dresser, or a jute rug to introduce these elements into your bedroom.
  5. Vintage-Inspired Furniture: Choose furniture pieces with a vintage or distressed look to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Look for items like a weathered wood bedside table or a vintage-inspired dresser to add character to the room.
  6. Coastal Accents: Add subtle nods to the seaside with decorative accents such as seashell-filled jars, driftwood mirrors, or framed beach photography. These touches can enhance the coastal vibe without overwhelming the space.
  7. Soft Lighting: Incorporate soft, diffused lighting to create a relaxing ambience. Consider installing wall sconces or table lamps with fabric shades for a warm, inviting glow in the evenings.
  8. Reflective Surfaces: Introduce mirrors or mirrored furniture to reflect light and visually expand the space. A large, framed mirror above the dresser or a mirrored bedside table can add depth and elegance to the room.
  9. Fresh Florals and Greenery: Bring in a touch of nature with fresh flowers or potted plants to add colour and life to the space. Consider placing a vase of white hydrangeas or a potted fern on the bedside table or dresser.
  10. Personal Touches: Finally, add your own personal style with artwork, decorative pillows, and other accessories that speak to your taste and personality, while still maintaining the overall Hamptons aesthetic.

With these ideas and a selection of IKEA furniture and decor, you can create a serene and stylish Hamptons-inspired bedroom that feels like a tranquil coastal retreat.

Shaker kitchens

Hamptons Style Kitchen
Hamptons Style Kitchen

Details of shaker-style kitchens show true craftsmanship and quality. Shaker-style kitchens are timeless and can be found in our gallery.

Shaker-style kitchens offer a timeless and classic look characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and functional design. Here are some key elements and design ideas to achieve a Shaker-style kitchen:

  1. Cabinet Doors: Shaker cabinets typically feature flat-panel doors with inset panels and simple, square edges. Opt for cabinets with a recessed centre panel surrounded by a frame, creating a clean and uniform look. IKEA’s BODBYN or GRIMSLÖV cabinet fronts can emulate the Shaker style.
  2. Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a neutral colour palette, such as white, cream, or light grey, for the cabinets to create a bright and airy feel. These colours enhance the timeless appeal of the Shaker style and provide a versatile backdrop for other design elements.
  3. Wood Accents: Incorporate natural wood elements, such as butcher block countertops or open shelving, to add warmth and texture to the kitchen. Choose a wood species with a simple and clean grain pattern, like maple or oak, to complement the simplicity of the Shaker design.
  4. Simple Hardware: Select cabinet hardware that is understated and functional, such as brushed nickel or black knobs and pulls. Avoid ornate or decorative hardware that can detract from the clean lines of the Shaker cabinets.
  5. Subway Tile Backsplash: Install a subway tile backsplash to enhance the classic appeal of the Shaker style. Choose white or light-coloured tiles with a glossy finish for a timeless look that complements the cabinetry.
  6. Farmhouse Sink: Incorporate a farmhouse or apron-front sink to evoke a rustic and traditional vibe in the kitchen. This style of sink pairs well with Shaker cabinets and adds to the overall charm of the space.
  7. Simple Molding and Trim: Add crown moulding, baseboards, and other trim details to provide a finished look to the kitchen cabinets. Keep the moulding and trim simple and understated to complement the clean lines of the Shaker design.
  8. Open Shelving: Consider incorporating open shelving in addition to or instead of upper cabinets to showcase dishes, glassware, and decorative items. Floating shelves or shelves with simple brackets can add visual interest while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic of the Shaker style.
  9. Functional Layout: Focus on creating a functional layout that maximizes storage and efficiency in the kitchen. Utilize features like pull-out drawers, built-in organizers, and pantry storage to keep the space clutter-free and organized.
  10. Natural Light: Maximize natural light in the kitchen by incorporating large windows or skylights. This not only brightens the space but also enhances the inviting and welcoming atmosphere of the Shaker-style kitchen.

By incorporating these design elements and selecting suitable IKEA products, you can create a beautiful and functional Shaker-style kitchen that stands the test of time.

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