Garden Nook and  Seating.

Create a beautiful outdoor space to relax and unwind at home in your garden.  My garden is looking lush  and green this summer with all the rain we have had here in Melbourne.  I have planted a row of  luma hedges (The Tutu Guru)  with a row of boxed hedges (The Hedge)  in front, and in between is a row of standard iceberg roses  (Treloar Roses) with white gardenias (Bunnings).    My next project is to choose some seating for my garden.Outdoor Garden Seating1

Garden Bench Inspiration | Stephen W. Hackney

Select a garden seat that reflects the style of your home and garden.  Choose a secluded spot to place your garden bench, under a tree or garden arbour or surrounded by flower beds and hedges.

Marlboro teak bench

 Marlboro Teak Bench | The Teak Place

garden seating5

 Inspiration image | The Fuller View

Use hedges to create a simple outdoor room.  By layering different varieties of  shrubs or hedges you can create the perfect garden nook.

Outdoor bench Early Settler

Sorrento three seater bench | Early Settler

Outdoor Garden seating4

Inspiration image | Jati

Outdoor Garden seating3

Surrey Garden Bench | Jati Outdoor