Now that the weather’s warming up, it’s a perfect time to get out into the garden.  Setting up a garden gazebo is a great way to make use of your garden in the spring/summer season.  There are some great temporary gazebos available.  Add a comfy chair and a good book or magazine and you’re set.

garden gazebo

Inspiration image is from Target (USA)

1.   Mimosa 3m x 4m semi-permanent Cairo gazebo from Bunnings

2.   Mornington stone linen cushion from Simply Cushions

3.   Melia 7 piece outdoor setting from Harvey Norman

4.   Antique wooden lantern from Provincial Home Living

5.   Umbria chair from Freedom Furniture

garden gazeboInspirational Image from

6.   Karlso gazebo with curtains from IKEA

7.   Versailles 3 piece outdoor setting from Early Settler

8.   Flower fleur rose 2 bud in pink from Provincial Home Living

garden gazebo

Inspirational image (source no longer available)

9.   Botanica gazebo from Early Settler

10.   Paris cushion from Target

11.   French planter in grey rough stone from Garden Pots Melbourne

12.   Casis 3 piece outdoor package from Early Settler

13.   Lill net curtains from IKEA

Whether you’re planning on using your gazebo to sip tea or a G&T, here are some tips for creating the perfect setting.

 Create a garden gazebo

Above gazebo is the Applaro gazebo from IKEA