How To Decorate

  • White Exterior Paint Colour

    White Exterior Paint Colour Ideas

    It’s no secret that I have a white painted house.  Maybe you’re considering painting your house exterior white?  But which white and what colour do you put with it?  Here are some ideas and paint colours I have found if you want to paint your house white. White with Black Trim This is my house. […] Read more…

  • Feature Image Mudrooms

    Mudroom Inspiration and Ideas

    Have you got a mudroom, or have always wanted one?  I am lucky enough to have an area at our back door that could easily be turned into a mudroom if I ever get rid of all the junk in there.  I’ve been collecting images for mudroom inspiration and ideas work out how I can […] Read more…

Room Tours

  • Style Curator

    Room Tour – A Stylish Ensuite Bathroom

    Today we so excited to share with you an ensuite bathroom.  This bathroom belongs to Gina who is the Editor of an Australian blog, “The Style Curator“. Gina has shared her own home build journey and has demolished an existing house to make way for an architectural designed home.  Join us as we ask Gina […] Read more…

  • Chatham Beach House Pet Friendly

    Cape Cod Inspired Chatham Beach House

    Today, I am excited to share with you, the beautiful Chatham Beach House located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Inspired by the small American seaside village of Chatham at the elbow of Cape Cod, this family home brings a touch of Hamptons charm to the Australian coast. The house belongs to Victoria and her family who are […] Read more…

DIY Projects

  • How to care for a Succulent plant

    How to Care for Succulent Plants

    Its no secret, I love an indoor plant.  Succulents are a very popular and low maintenance indoor and outdoor plant, there are many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.  Today we have some tips on how to care for your succulent indoors. Watering Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves.  Water your […] Read more…

  • DIY Kate Spade Dots

    How to DIY Kate Spade Dots

    Don’t you just love Kate Spade’s range of gold dots accessories?  I thought I could DIY the Kate Spade Dots Vase, but first I had to work out just how Kate Spade gets her dots to look so good.  I’ve worked it out and have even created a template for you to use to achieve […] Read more…


  • loose cover sofa guide

    Your Guide to Loose Cover Sofas in Australia

    Are you looking for a loose cover sofa for your home?  Loose or slipcovered sofas are a practical option as you can remove, launder and change the covers on your sofa.  Problem is, they can be hard to find in Australia. I love the relaxed look of a loose white cover but with a black […] Read more…

  • Coastal style blog

    Winter Throw Rug Collection

    Winter is the perfect time to add colour and texture to your home with a warm throw rug.  Today we have chosen twelve gorgeous throws to keep you warm all winter long. Image | Coastal Style Blog A throw rug is perfect for protecting a light coloured sofa as well as keeping you warm. Image: […] Read more…