Ways To Decorate Your Table for Mother’s Day

Prepare the perfect brunch, or afternoon tea in celebration of mothers, or someone special in your life.  If you are lucky enough to have beautiful weather on the day prepare a tea party on your patio or in your own backyard or decorate your indoor table with beautiful flowers from the garden.

Adorn your table with beautiful blooms and vintage china teacups or your favourite tiered serving pieces.  Add some pretty floral napkins and a small table gift for your special guest.

Decorating your table for Mother’s Day can be a thoughtful and delightful way to honour the special women in your life. Here are some simple yet charming ideas to spruce up your table

Ways To Decorate Your Table for Mother's Day
Ways To Decorate Your Table for Mother’s Day

Fresh Flowers:

Arrange a bouquet of her favourite flowers in a vase or scatter individual blooms along the table runner for a fresh and fragrant centrepiece.

Summer Flower Centerpieces

When I first fell in love with flower arrangements, I honestly don’t know! Perhaps forever? Haha.

For years, I’ve been making flower centrepieces to decorate my tables. I enjoy it. Sometimes I create a centerpiece because I like to have fresh flowers around the house. Other times, I might make twenty centrepieces for an event.

If I only make a few centrepieces with flowers, I usually buy them at the supermarket. I’m usually quite flexible when it comes to the flowers I choose. I often buy flowers based on colour alone.

Arrange Peonies in Crock

Peonies are the only flowers that I am interested in. These peonies had a very vibrant and bright deep pink colour at first. They changed colour over time–pretty amazing! This week, Trader Joe’s began selling peonies! Every year I look forward to their arrival as they are beautiful and cheaper than anywhere!

Personalized Place Cards

Create personalized place cards for each guest with their names written in calligraphy or printed on decorative cardstock. You can even attach a small photo of each guest to their card for an extra-special touch.

Colourful Linens

Use a tablecloth or table runner in bright, cheerful colours or delicate pastels to set the mood for the celebration. Coordinate napkins and placemats to complement the theme.


Add warmth and ambience to the table with an assortment of candles of varying heights and sizes. Choose scented candles with floral or fruity fragrances to enhance the atmosphere.

Family Photos

Display framed photos of cherished memories with Mom or Grandma along the length of the table. Mix in some childhood pictures for a nostalgic twist.

Dainty Tableware

Top View of Table Setting
Top View of Table Setting

Opt for elegant tableware such as vintage china or delicate porcelain plates and teacups. Add a touch of sophistication with silverware and crystal glasses.

Sweet Treats

Place small bowls of her favourite candies or chocolates at each place setting for guests to enjoy throughout the meal. You can also serve a decadent dessert as the grand finale.

Themed Decorations

Choose a theme that resonates with Mom, such as a garden party with floral accents or a tea party with vintage teapots and teacups. Incorporate thematic decorations like miniature birdhouses, butterflies, or ribbons.

Her Favorite Fragrances

Infuse the air with her favourite scents by placing potpourri bowls or diffusers with essential oils around the table. Lavender, rose, and citrus are popular choices for a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere.

Handwritten Notes

Write heartfelt notes of appreciation and love to Mom or Grandma and place them at each table setting. Encourage guests to share their own messages of gratitude during the meal.

Remember, the most important aspect of decorating your table for Mother’s Day is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where Mom feels loved and appreciated. Have fun personalizing the decor to suit her tastes and preferences!

Table Setting Ideas

Start with some beautiful table ideas that will make you want to set the table for your special mother!

A Peachy Mother’s Day brunch tablescape

Robyn from Robyn’s French Nest has an eye for beautiful tablescapes. She created this beautiful brunch table setting which would be perfect for Mother’s Day.

The love is evident in every detail, from the place setting to the place cards. I love that she chose a neutral colour palette with pops peaches and green.

Spring High Tea Party

When I first saw this elegant spring high tea party by Jen from Midwest Life and Style, I was so thrilled. My family loves to have tea parties, and I’m always looking for creative and fun ways to set the table for one! This would be perfect for Mother’s Day!


Table Setting
Table Setting

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show your love for moms! This post is for those who find it difficult to throw a Mother’s Day brunch. I understand that life is busy for many of us. I pride myself on being a well of time-and-money-saving hostess hacks, and certain tricks came in particularly handy when designing today’s Mother’s Day tablescape. Continue reading to get the full Mother’s Day details. You’ll find tips for creating your own Mother’s Day centrepiece and table decor, as well as pre-made meals and ideas for elevating supermarket desserts.

This is what I used to make this Mother’s Day Tablescape.

  • Blue buffalo plaid tablecloth I used a lot of pink in my Easter Tablescape so I chose blue for this tablescape.
  • Napkins in light blue buffalo plaid I bought these for my tablecloth, but wanted to make them a bit more special. My stepmom had given me a guide that showed a gazillion different ways to tie napkins. I used this book and tied the napkins in these beautiful knots. ).
  • These pink water cups are the prettiest water cups that you will ever see! We have a pink and clear set.
  • Goblets in pink I love my Bormioli water cups, so I ordered these goblets as well. There are a few different colours available!
  • Chargers for Hyacinths I ordered on Amazon a beautiful set of chargers, but their delivery was delayed. I used my trusty chargers made of hyacinths. These chargers are such a staple. I use them throughout the year.
  • Beaded Dinner Plates – I bought these plates about three years ago at Home Goods, and I am linking them to a similar style by Pottery Barn.
  • Salad plates in white – I bought these plates from Dollar Tree (you guessed right) for $1! To add a little more colour, I added a pink carnation to each plate.
  • Ramekins in pink I filled these adorable little pink ramekins before baking them with vanilla yogurt, granola and fresh berries.
  • Gold flatware – This gold flatware looks beautiful on our table. It’s also under $25 for the whole set!
  • Mother’s Day Centrepiece – I created this Mother’s Day centrepiece using a white crate I bought at Hobby Lobby, and six mason bottles as the base. Then I added six stems each of silver dollar and pink roses. Three white hydrangeas were also included, as well as twelve snapdragons. These are Mom’s favourite flowers. I added a dozen white flowers, a few alstroemerias and pink carnations.

It was a lot of fun to put together this Mother’s Day centrepiece. It was not without challenges. Before I gave it another go, I had an extreme novice flower fail (#flowerfail videos to follow). I was elated as I saw everything coming together. Snapdragons are great for height and dimension, and hydrangeas fill the space. Roses that are fully bloomed make stunning statement flowers. You can also blow or reflect into them to make them bloom faster. Thanks, Full Bloom!

You can request specific flowers by contacting the floral department of your local grocery store in advance. If you’re able to wait a few weeks, you can ask if the floral department will be able to get you specific stems. You can’t guarantee it. Hy-Vee didn’t have any peonies or ranunculus, but they did have a few silver-dollar eucalyptus plants and 12 stunning snapdragons!

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