Relaxed Living Hamptons Style

Creating a relaxed living space is all about fostering an environment that promotes comfort, tranquillity, and a sense of ease. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

Relaxed Living Hamptons Style
Relaxed Living Hamptons Style
  1. Comfortable Seating: Invest in cozy and inviting seating options like plush sofas, oversized armchairs, or even bean bags. Make sure there are enough seating options for everyone in the space.
  2. Soft Textures: Incorporate soft textures into your decor with throws, pillows, and rugs. Opt for materials like cotton, faux fur, or knits to add warmth and comfort.
  3. Natural Elements: Bring the outdoors in with natural elements like plants, wood, and stone. Not only do they add visual interest, but they also help create a calming atmosphere.
  4. Soft Lighting: Avoid harsh overhead lighting and opt for soft, diffused lighting instead. Use table lamps, floor lamps, and candles to create a warm and inviting ambience.
  5. Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a neutral colour palette with soft, soothing hues like beige, cream, grey, or soft pastels. These colours help create

Why is the Hampton style so popular?

Hamptons style is popular because it creates an atmosphere of summer holidays with a timeless, luxurious feel. It encourages indoor-outdoor entertaining, relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Hamptons-style houses are filled with natural lighting, crisp white walls, and an open floor plan. These elements make the house feel like home. Hampton-style interiors highlight the beauty of natural materials such as linen, teak, cotton, and cane. These materials create a tranquil environment that allows you to feel like you are on vacation, but at home.

What are the most important elements that define Hamptons-style homes?

house in the Hamptons style offers a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle with a hint of glamour. Hamptons furniture is a mix of elegant and modern elements with classic design. The design is beautiful and it fits in perfectly with Australian Homes even though its origin is American. The Hamptons design is popular because it strikes a perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. There are a few important things to keep in mind when you want to build or style your home to have the Hamptons feel.

We love this style. As one of Australia’s largest shops selling Hamptons-style furniture, it is obvious that we are fans. We have put together a guide and shared with you the five important features to create a unique and desirable Hamptons-style house.

What is the main element of a Hamptons Style House

The abundance of light is one of the most important characteristics of a Hamptons-style house. To create a Hamptons-style house, large windows and doors are essential.

The ideal Hamptons-style house is a crisp white home with light floors and walls. It is important to create a soft, breezy and light atmosphere in the entire house. A neutral background with light colours is a great base for implementing colours like Hamptons Blue.

Hamptons Style Furniture
Hamptons style is reflected in the furnishings of a Hamptons home. The key is to combine luxury, relaxation, and functionality. Hampton-style furniture can include a large sofa with many cushions, armchairs upholstered in leather, white furniture, or timeless steel and glass elements.

Hampton Style Living Room
Hampton Style Living Room

How to choose the right Hamptons-style furniture

You should not just look for the typical features of Hamptons furniture. Instead, be authentic, and choose pieces that are true to you. This could be in terms of decor or furnishings. Choose timeless pieces that will last for many years.

Choose sofas, chairs, and bed heads that have generous upholstery and curves. Accents can be added with tufted fabrics and studded details. Teak and other solid woods are best for some furnishings. Look for classic features when shopping for Hamptons-style furniture, such as pedestals, cross detailing and flared or moulded edges.

Both the Frejac range and Malval feature all of the details necessary to create a Hamptons-style house. These pieces are beautiful, but also functional and stylish. They have plenty of storage and come in a variety of styles. The collections feature side tables, console tables and bedside tables as well as buffets and hutches. It’s easier to select furniture when it’s designed in a similar style. You don’t have to worry about buying pieces that aren’t aesthetically pleasing or that have minor differences.

How to create a Hamptons-style living room

Hamptons living rooms are all about combining upscale design with laid-back beach vibes. Imagine a bright, spacious room with clean walls that enhance the brightness. The furniture in this room is large and comfortable, ideal for lounging or chatting.

Hampton’s interior design is a style that’s heavily influenced by Long Island and its serene landscapes. It exudes a sense of relaxed coastal charm. This style of living room exudes a relaxed, beachy vibe, characterized by natural light and open spaces. The neutral colour palette is often punctuated by coastal elements. The Hamptons style has its origins in New York, but its ability to blend comfort and elegance makes it a popular choice among Australian homeowners.

1. Start with a neutral starting base
This style relies on a white wall as the foundation. Other pieces of decor in the living room can complement these walls, including blue accents and style wall art. The walls, along with the decor and other features, reflect the coastal environment. They subtly invoke images of lush landscapes and open skies.

2. Layer textures for depth
Hamptons-style living rooms are often characterized by a mix of textures and materials that capture the relaxed, coastal feel of a home. Start with plush cushions and sofas to create a similar look in your home. If you are open to bigger renovations, a brick fireplace or stone fireplace can add a rustic feel. Introduce a woven seagrass table, rattan area rug or coffee table to add more texture. This multi-dimensional design not only adds to the dynamic of your living space but also prevents it from looking flat or monotonous.

3. Let in the natural light
The Hamptons style is all about brightness and airiness. French doors and large windows allow for plenty of natural lighting to enter, while also showcasing the beauty of the outside. This makes the room feel spacious, bright, and inviting. You could add a touch by using light, breezy drapes to diffuse the sunlight. This method makes the room feel spacious and fresh while creating a seamless connection between the inside and outside.

4. Nature in your home
Infusing elements of nature into your home will enhance its warmth and authenticity. Jute rugs add a subtle charm to any room. They are durable and stylish. Unbleached linens, whether they’re used for bedding, throw pillows, or curtains, create a soft contrast with harder textures. Wooden elements are also important. Ceilings with exposed wooden beams add a unique character. A reclaimed pine sideboard or oak coffee table can also add warmth and depth to the room.

5. Play with patterns
Patterns can be used to highlight the sophistication of the Hamptons style when chosen carefully. Shades in soft stripes and muted coastal prints will evoke a breezy seaside atmosphere that is typical of the Hamptons. The delicate floral blinds seamlessly blend into this theme. They add a touch of elegance and diffuse light in a soft, welcoming way. This coastal chic style is enhanced by furniture upholstered in subtle floral patterns or soft patterns. This style is exemplified by layering patterned pillows on neutral sofas. It balances elegance and comfort.

6. Accessories for the beach
Focus on accessories that are reminiscent of the beach to create a Hamptons-style living room. You can fill glass lanterns with sand to create a beachy display on a table, and decorative seashells are a refined accent for bookshelves or coffee tables. You can also hang art that shows calming coastal scenes or beach scenes. These small details anchor the design of the room to its seaside roots.

7. Use different wall colors
Interiors with Hamptons style often feature crisp white walls. No rule says you have to stick with the traditional colour palette. Designers are experimenting with other colours.Beige walls will add warmth to any Hamptons-style living room. They are neutral, classic and versatile. This color complements many decorative elements from wood accents to patterned fabrics. Blue walls are a great way to add a touch of freshness and capture the essence of the ocean. Greys are a great way to combine contemporary style with a seaside feel.

8. Choose the right lighting
Lighting options are plentiful to create a Hamptons-style living room. Pendant lights in rattan, ceramic or other materials are striking and can brighten key areas. Table lamps with patterned shades give off a soft glow. French doors and large windows with plenty of sunlight will help you make the most out of natural light. The combination of the natural light and your lights creates a cozy feeling when it becomes dark.

9. Select the right furniture
When creating a Hamptons-style living room, the furniture you select is crucial. Consider oversized, comfortable sofas and chairs in neutral fabrics like linen or Cotton for a coastal feel. Console tables and sideboards in light or distressed wood are practical and go well with the overall look. For a touch of the seaside, you might want to add some rattan and wicker furniture. Remember that while large pieces are great, you still want to maintain a spacious feel in the room. This will ensure a comfortable balance of luxury and relaxation.

3 Tips for Creating the Classic Hamptons Style Interiors

Vintage Retro Style Living Room
Vintage Retro Style Living Room

1. Natural Textures

The Hamptons style is all about bringing nature indoors. Consider wooden and wicker furnishings, linen curtains and cotton cushions. Sisal rugs are also a good choice. Combine it all and layer to create a calm, harmonious space.

2. Beyond Whites

The Hamptons palette is dominated by whites of all shades, but adding subtle shades will give it a more modern feel. Tones like soft or bright shades of blue, neutral greys, and sandy beige are typical. You can create a Hamptons style that is more modern and sophisticated by using black furnishings or adding accents in gold.

3. Decorate your home with a variety of decorations

The final touch to a Hamptons-inspired home is luxurious interior decor. Keep the space and furniture as neutral and simple as possible. This will give you more options to change and play with your decor without having to invest heavily in new furniture. For summer, you can choose rattan and stylish accessories to add warmth or silver decor for cooler months.

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