Organising a stylish wardrobe can be easy with these handy tips.  Mix and match storage pieces from your local hardware store, use floor-to-ceiling storage with shelves, hanging rods and drawers, with a place for handbags, jewellery and dresses, create a place for each and every item.  If you don”t have a walk in robe, you can still make the most of a smaller space.

Dream WIR1

Create consistency and organisation by starting with new hangers, I love these white wooden hangers from Ikea.  Organise your clothes by season or colour and add more space with storage boxes to store jewellery or scarves.  Don’t forget to have a place to show off that special handbag or the latest pair of shoes that you love.

Walk in Robe 2

1.  Dream Walk in Robe inspiration and tips.

2.  Kvarnvik set of three storage boxes from Ikea.

3.  Annabel cosmetic case from Howards Storage.

4.  White bumerang curved clothes hanger from Ikea.

5.  Carrie Bradshaw Walk in Robe.

6.  Harmony cubicle storage box with lid from Bunnings.

7.  Shelving with drawer from Masters.

8.  Drawer divider from Masters.