How To Make A Rosemary Wreath

This tutorial is super simple and will show you how to make a rosemary wreath. A list of materials and detailed instructions are included. This is something that anyone can do!

Even I was surprised by how wonderful it smells. After I made it, it was hung on my vintage ladder. The scent filled the entire room.

How To Make A Rosemary Wreath
How To Make A Rosemary Wreath

How to Make a Fresh Rosemary Wreath

The wreath is still smelling wonderful, even though the rosemary has dried out. The wreath is very beautiful, but it’s the smell that makes it the most enjoyable. It was also very simple, like most of the projects I share. It’s also not difficult to make!


  • Grapevine wreath (14 – 16 inches)
  • Fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Garden shears
  • Florist wire
  • fresh or dried lavender

I let my rosemary grow, so I could have nice long stems. Two plants were cut and I had enough rosemary to make this 16-inch wreath. Cut your stems to at least 8-10 inches. I don’t know how many stems I had, but it was probably around 30.

Assembled Rosemary Wreath

Start by gathering three or four stems of thyme into a bundle and attaching it to the wreath using florist wire. Wrap the florist wire around the stems. Continue to wrap the wreath in bunches. To hide the wire, overlap the bunches a few inches. By the time I finished, I’d used eight bunches. Your wreath can be as dense or sparsely arranged as you wish.

The wreath was already finished when I thought of this next step. I added little dried lavender bunches. This is why there are no lavenders in the picture of the supplies. I did not use wire but just tucked the herbs into the rosemary. You could also add other types of greenery and herbs. Here are some that would be suitable:

  • SAGE
  • Thyme
  • Eucalyptus
  • Bay leaves
  • Roses, globe Thistle, larkspur and hydrangeas are all dried flowers.

How long will a rosemary wreath last?

Don’t let the rosemary dry before attaching it to the wreath. This will ensure that your wreath lasts for a very long time. As it dries, the fresh rosemary will take the shape of your wreath. The rosemary will dry quickly. Your wreath should be hung in an area where it will not need to move and won’t be bumped.

This wreath has kind of won my heart. The combination of lavender and rosemary is my favourite. When I enter the room, not only is it beautiful but it also smells divine. This is an amazing decorating job!

DIY Mini-Wreaths with Fresh Rosemary and Wreaths

DIY Mini-Wreaths
DIY Mini-Wreaths

Simple, green and beautiful too! These DIY rosemary wreaths we made for ANZAC Day. Simple wreaths can be a great project whenever you have fresh rosemary or other sturdy greenery.

Rosemary for Remembrance

Rosemary is a symbol of memory and remembrance that has been around since ancient times. Rosemary has a special ANZAC Day meaning. Rosemary grows in abundance on the Gallipoli peninsula and is also found in many parts of Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC Day commemorates the Gallipoli Landings on 25 April 1915.

According to the story, rosemary brought home by a wounded ANZAC from Gallipoli was planted in the hospital that cared for him and was used as a source of cuttings for memorial plantings throughout the home countries.

Both the Flanders poppy and rosemary are important symbols of remembrance. In many countries, the Flanders poppy is worn on Armistice Day (11th November). In New Zealand, the poppies will be out of season for ANZAC Day. However, it is a good time to plant them. Poppies planted in honour of ANZAC Day should bloom around Armistice Day if the weather cooperates. This is a very special project to remember. More poppy and rosemary projects are at the end of this article. Lest we forget.

Making Rosemary wreaths

Supplies and Materials

You can make the base yourself or buy a ready-made wreath form or ring (see our post on a href=” floral crowns and flower wreaths/”>DIY floral crowns and flower wreaths/a> for ideas). The base can be made by hand or purchased (see our post DIY flower crowns and wreaths to get ideas). For my rosemary wreath, I wrapped a cardboard base in a hemp cord. It looks a bit more polished and finished than plain cardboard.

You can use the same method for any greenery wreath. The wreath can be used as a fresh decoration on a table, or around the base of an electric candle (be careful not to touch the flame). You can also hang it to dry herbs. Hanging, ensure that your springs have been securely fastened.

Rosemary wreath making

Rosemary is a messy herb, so it’s best to use a surface you can easily clean afterwards. Compost all loose ends and extra stems. If you are using culinary rosemary, you can also eat the stems. You may also experiment with to grow the cuttings if desired. Below are some additional ideas.

  • Collect your rosemary and make sure it is dry and clean.
  • Cut into sprigs.
  • Wrap the wire around the ends to secure them. You can bundle rosemary sprigs using floral tape or elastic bands instead of wire if you’re making a large wreath.
  • Use wire to attach the bundles of sprigs around your frame.
  • Optional: I like to bend the ends inwards and tuck them under before trimming. The back of the wreath will be neat and free from any sharp wire ends.
  • Continue by slightly overlapping the sprigs each time until you have covered your wreath. Be extra careful when positioning the last few sprigs to ensure that you have a nicely covered circle.
  • Trim any stems that are errant if/as required.

How to Make a Rosemary Mini-Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath
DIY Christmas Wreath

The process for making a mini-wreath is similar to the one above, but you will be using single stems instead of bunches. You can use the wire to form a circle for mini wreaths.

Other Rosemary DIY Projects

Do you want to be more creative? Here are more DIY projects that you can do with rosemary if you have any extra.

Rosemary DIYs

  • Natural Scented Lavender and Rosemary Candles
  • Rosemary Lemon Bath Salts A Princess and a Pumpkin
  • Fire Starters with Herbs and Spices ( Garden Betty).
  • Rosemary Oil ( pop Sugar)

Rosemary Recipes

  • Rosemary ANZAC Biscuits Australian Kitchen
  • Herbal Honey (Not Quite Nigella)
  • Rosemary Salt ( flour on my face)
  • Rosemary Herb Focaccia Sally’s Baking Addiction

You can use any kind of rosemary to make wreaths. However, you should not use it for cooking or other crafts where essential oils are an important factor. Common varieties of rosemary can be eaten, but they may not have the same oils or flavourings.

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