I’ve had a light bulb moment!  Have you got old incandescent light bulbs hanging around?  Well here are a collection of fun DIY light bulb ideas that you can try to turn an old light bulb into something unique in your home.

DIY light bulb ideas

DIY Light Bulb Ideas

DIY Light Bulb Ideas

DIY Light Bulb terrarium – Follow the step by step instructions at Clad & Cloth to create these cute terrariums.  I would recommend that you remove the entire bulb filament to allow more air and water to the plants.

Hanging Rope Light Bulb Vase – These cute hanging vases are available to buy on Etsy.  They would be simple to make.  Remove the light bulb filament then glue some rope around the neck of the bulb and create a rope handle.

Rope Pear Light Bulb – This is such a clever idea.  Wrapping rope around an old light bulb to create a decorative pear.  Full instructions can be found at Todd & Lindsay

Hanging Wire Light Bulb Vase – Similar to the rope vases, these vases just have a wire handle and look great hung with pretty ribbon.  They are available to buy on Etsy, or you could try making  your own.

Napkin Ring Stand – this is more of an idea than a DIY project, but a pretty napkin ring will allow you to stand your light bulb vase on the table.  Attach name cards for a pretty place setting.

Painted Light Bulbs – These pretty patterned light bulbs are available to buy overseas, but you could try making your own by wrapping the bulb with a doily or lace and spray painting it with metallic silver spray paint.  You could even use shaped stickers such as stars, spray the bulb, then remove the stickers for clear stars.  You can create interesting patterns when the light is turned on.

DIY Light Bulb Aquarium – Create these cute underwater aquariums, full instructions are at Rebecca’s Soap Deli blog.

DIY Light Bulb Terrarium – For many of the projects you see on this page you will need to remove the light bulb filament.  This is the hardest part of the projects.  A really good detailed tutorial can be found at The Hipster Home.  The other really good tip is to attach adhesive silicone bumpers to the globe so it can stand up.

Of course, if the whole idea of trying to get the filament out is all too much, then have a look at these Edison Light Bulb vases from My Little Empire.

Edison light bulb vase