I have a huge design crush on glass boxes.  You know when you just keep seeing beautiful photos of a product and you decide you just HAVE to have it.  Well that’s what happened to me with glass boxes.  Because you can see through them, their contents become part of the display, whether that be jewellery or decoratve objects.  When I was fist looking for them about a year ago, there wasn’t much to choose from, but now there are many more available.  Here are some you may not have seen:

glass box pottery barnCallie glass display box from Pottery Barn

glass box west elm

Glass shadow box from West Elm

glass boxes australia


Sources: 1.   Svenska Hem Copper and glass box – Kikki K   |   2.   Small silver hexagonal box  – St Barts   |   3.   Recycled glass and metal box – Rustic Sands   |   4.   Glass shadow box – West Elm   |   5. Recycled glass and antique brass box – Rustic Sands   |   6.   Glass jewellery box – K Mart   |   7.   Antiquaire glass brass box, 4 compartment – French Home   |   8.   Rectangular glass box – ShelfLife

I love all of the glass boxes pictured, but the little one from K Mart was only $7 – that’s right SEVEN dollars, so I just had to get one.  They don’t look much sitting on the shelf, but here is how I styled mine once I got it home.

glass boxes styled with jewellery

Styled with jewellery and pinks and aquas.

Glass box styles with shells

A different look with a collection of sea shells and neutral colours.  So you can see how versatile glass boxes can be.

Styling Tip – change the lining in the bottom of the box for a different look.

Which one is your favourite?