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How to Care for Dark Timber Floors

I don’t usually give advice on cleaning, but I’d thought I’d share how I keep on top of my dark timber floors.  Dark stained floorboards are a popular choice of flooring, but they do require regular cleaning to look good.  Watch the video below or read the blog post. Dirty Timber Floors All floors get […]

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Secrets to a Clutter Free Kitchen

kitchen clutter

Are you struggling with having a neat and tidy kitchen that’s free of clutter.  Appliances and paperwork can sometimes make their way out onto bench tops and stay there a little while. Here are some basic tips for keeping your kitchen clutter free. Clear out a cupboard This is the first step to decluttering the […]

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A Budget DIY Kitchen Renovation

Are you contemplating a DIY kitchen renovation?  We have recently completed a kitchen renovation of an older house we own.  The house was tired and in need of an update.  Here is our kitchen renovation story and what we learnt along the way. The Kitchen Before This home was built in the 80’s and had a kitchen […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Sink Pretty

A kitchen doesn’t really feel clean unless the kitchen sink is clean too.  We know how rare that can be, but we’ve found 5 ways to pretty up your kitchen sink that will make you feel better about your kitchen no matter what it looks like. Sam’s Sink – See her post on Everything You […]

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