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Designing the Perfect Shower Niche

shower niches

If you have bottles of shampoo and conditioner sitting on the shower floor, then a shower niche might be the solution you’re looking for.  I have one of those shower caddies that hooks over the shower rose, but it’s not an ideal solution.  As we are about to renovate our ensuite it’s the perfect time […]

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Ensuite Reno: Wall Sconces

bathroom wall sconces

So now the hunt for bathroom wall sconces begins.  As part of the ensuite renovation, I’ve found some suitable Bathroom Vanity Mirrors, but now I need wall sconces to go on either side of the mirrors, and from the feedback I’ve been getting from you, I’m not alone.  Here’s an idea of what I’m after: […]

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Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity is the real centrepiece of the bathroom so you want to choose one that not only looks good but is practical too.  There’s a large range of bathroom vanities on the market to choose from so we’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice. Image: Coco Republic Whether […]

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Design Trend: Copper Bathroom

Copper Bathroom

The trend for copper in interior decoration continues to grow, and has made it’s way into our bathrooms.  Copper baths, sinks and taps….the choices are endless.  If you love the look of copper in the bathroom, and want a change from everything being chrome, you’ll love some of the latest products to hit the market. […]

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The Art of Displaying Towels

How do you display the towels in your bathroom?  Whether you hang them on a rail, over a hook, or have them folded in a basket, we’ve found some great ways for displaying towels in your bathroom.  Towels are a great way to add colour and pattern to your bathroom, so here are 10 ideas […]

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