Zara Home Wares Australia.

Global high fashion retailer Zara have opened their new home wares store Zara Home at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

Their home wares range includes bed linen, table and bath linens, cushions and decorative pieces, tableware, cutlery and a children’s bed linen collection.  I would love one of these feather cushions from Zara Home.

zara home1

zara home 5

Smocked percale bed linen by Zara Home


Zara home 6

Raspberry landscape bed linen by  Zara Home.

zara home4

1. Linen and feather cushion | 2. Handles table  | 3. Mixed feathers cushion| 4. Table | 5. Anchor print bed linen | 6. Sheet & pillowcase | 7. Whale | 8. Sand coloured percale bed linen | 9. Square basket | 10. Convex Basket | 11. Blue bands basket | 12.  Coloured bands basket.