I love decorating with lanterns.  They add character and charm to your home and outside.  If you have a lantern but are not sure what to do with it, here’s some suggestions of what to put in a lantern to make it work for your decor.  Watch the video or read the tips below.

What to Put in a Lantern


Candles are the clear favourite lantern filler, after all that’s what lanterns are designed for.

Decorating with Lanterns candles

You can use wax  pillar candles, flameless battery ones, or tea lights.  After an incident where my candles all melted from the heat of the sun, I now use the Pottery Barn Flameless Outdoor Candles.  They’re good.  They don’t melt!  Use a single candles or mix up different height candles.


Greenery also looks great in lanterns.  Choose artificial plants or live ones – just don’t forget to water them.

What to put in lanterns greenery plants

Fairy Lights

Some fairy or string lights look so pretty when displayed in a lantern.

What to put in lanterns string lights

Use wired string lights, or wrap normal string lights around an object.  Don’t forget to hide the battery compartment.

Fillers & Extra Decorations

Add extra decorations to your lantern such as foliage (greenery), figurines, flowers, coastal – shells, sand, starfish

What to put in a lantern coastal style decorations

Seasonal Decorations

Decorate with the seasons.  Add Christmas or Easter decorations, autumn leaves, spring flowers and other decorations to theme your lantern display.

What to put in a lantern Easter decorations

The beautiful white lanterns I used in these photos are the Estate lanterns from Haven Inspired which are available from Bunnings Warehouse.

What to put in a lantern