Whilst I was in Houston on my USA Trip, I visited all my favourite interiors stores including Pottery Barn.  And boy do they know bed styling.  Hands down I think they are the best retailer for visual merchandising.   They know how to style a bed and make it look so appealing.  You just want to dive into the beds on display.

What Pottery Barn taught me about Bed Styling

What makes Pottery Barn beds look so good?  It’s all about the layering.

 Fold Down the Quilt

One way to achieve the layered look is to fold down the top of the quilt.  Folding the quilt back creates height because the folded part of the quilt sits higher than the flat quilt.  It also creates contrast as you can see the colour and pattern on the sheets underneath the quilt or on the reverse side of the quilt..

Pottery Barn Bed Styling

Insider Tip – Apparently Pottery Barn use 2 quilts inside their quilt covers, so they look plump and full.

Add a Layer to the Bottom of the Bed

The second way to layer the bed is to add a layer across the bed.  This can be a folded blanket, quilt, bedspread or throw.  You can fold it neatly or just casually throw it across the end of the bed.  Again it creates height on the bed and contrasts colours and patterns.  Look how many folds there are!

Pottery Barn Bed Styling

Pile up the Pillows

Go on, annoy your partner and add a whole pile of pillows to the bed,  So what if it takes you 30 seconds longer to make the bed in the morning.  Pillows and cushions add depth in front of the bed head.  They are also a great way to add colour, pattern and contrast to the bed.

Pottery Barn Bed Styling

Choose a combination of Euro pillows, standard pillows with or without a flange, and square and rectangle decorative cushions in different sizes.  Look at beds on display and photos of beds all styled up and see how the cushions are arranged.  You can see here that they mix up the pillows, so they don’t have two of the same pillows sitting side by side.

Choose Colours & Patterns that Work Together

Whist I’m not a big fan of matchy-matchy, it does look better when the colours and patterns of your bed linen and cushions work together.  Start by choosing your quilt design.  Then pick out a colour from that design to use as a solid to break up the pattern.  If you choose a plain quilt, add a pattern with your sheets.

Pottery Barn Bed Styling

The quilt in the above picture is a large scale detailed paisley pattern.  Using bed linen in solid pink and white breaks up the pattern and gives the bed some breathing space.  You could add a second pattern to this bed, but it would need to be a simple smaller scale, such as a pink and white ticking stripe.

These tips aren’t new.  You’ll find them in the Decorating Resource Library.  It’s just that I love the way Pottery Barn style their beds.  Take a good look at all the beds on display and see how you can apply these styling tips in your own home.

Pottery Barn Bed Styling Houston Store

I visited Pottery Barn at Highland Village in Houston.  The stores in the US are very similar to the ones in Australia, but they have a slightly bigger range.  Given the battering poor Houston has received from Hurricane Harvey, there’s a very real chance that the store is flooded.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston.

To see more inspiring examples of well styled beds, visit a Pottery Barn store or look at their photos online.

This is not a sponsored post.  I honestly just think Pottery Barn do an exceptional job of bed styling.

Pottery Barn Bed Styling

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