You know when your back door is really like your front door?  It’s where everybody comes into your home.  Well if yours is a mess like mine was, let me show you my back door makeover to create a welcoming entrance for my guests.

Back Door Makeover black door

So this is our back door and it looks a whole lot better than it used to.  Here’s what it looked like before we built our carport.

Back Door Makeover Before

Back Door Makeover Before

There was nothing there, except a stinky compost tumbler to greet you.  We excavated to grass and built a new 2 car carport, with steps leading up to the back door.

As soon as we did that, like magic everybody would come to the back door instead of the front door.  It wasn’t very welcoming at all.  So here’s what we did:

Ship’s Bell

Back Door Makeover Bell

We added a ship’s bell.  Our back door is a long way from our kitchen and upstairs living room, and I would never hear people knocking.  The bell has solved that problem and I think it looks great.

Outdoor Light

Back Door Makeover Light

We installed an outdoor light with an exposed vintage style globe so we could see our way to the door at night.

Door Pull

Back Door Makeover

To shut the door you had to pull it shut by holding the edge of the door and letting go before you slammed your fingers.  We installed a door pull so you could easily pull the door closed behind you.

Striped Awning

back door makeover awning

To give us and our guests some protection from the rain and weather when you’re standing at the door, we installed a black and white stripe awning.

Door Mats

Back Door Makeover Door mats

To stop dirt coming into the house I got two door mats.  A black rubber mat for outside and a coconut fibre mat for inside.

Solar Lanterns

Back Door Makeover Solar Lanterns

I added a couple of solar lanterns either side of the path leading to the door, so we can see our way to the door even if the outdoor light isn’t on.

The garden between the house and the carport gets very little sun so we have a lily pily hedge and a row of cliveas.  The front part of the garden bed gets more sun, so my husband planted some ground cover roses, which are beautiful when they are flowering.

back door makeover mudroom

When you open the door, you see my newly created board and batten mudroom wall.

I’m so pleased with our back door makeover.  It’s much nicer to come home to and it’s more welcoming for our guests.  Each element solves a problem in a decorative way.  That’s what interior decorating is all about – solving your problems in a pretty way.

Next project-  to finish off the mudroom.


House Paint Colour – Dulux Natural White   |   Door Paint Colour – Taubmans Colorbond Night Sky   |   Polished Metal Door Pull – Paddington Hardware  |   Metal Ship’s Bell – Paddington Hardware   |   Black Outdoor Light – Barn Lights Australia   |   Black & White Stripe Awning – Interior Solutions Brisbane   |   Trellis Door Mat – Kmart   |   Black Rubber Doormat – Bunnings   |   Solar Lantern Lights – Masters

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