With autumn now here and the cooler weather soon on it’s way, it will be scarf wearing time again.  Rather than hiding your scarves away in drawers and baskets, I thought I’d find ways to store scarves, but easily see them so I’m more likely to grab one and wear it.  So here are 5 ideas for you to store your scarves.

ways to store your scarves

1. Hang Scarves on a Rail

Attach rails to the wall or the side of your wardrobe door and simply drape the scarves over the rail or loop them around and tie them to the rail.

5 ways to store your scarves

Image left –  Mariaemb Blog   |   Image right –  LA Closet Design on Decor Pad

2. Hang Scarves from a Hanger

If you have no room to use rails, simply hang your scarves on a coat hanger.  Or use a pant hanger to hang multiple scarves.

5 ways to store your scarves

Image left –  The Purl Bee   |   Image right – I Heart Organising

3. Special Scarf Hangers

You can buy hangers that are specially designed to hold multiple scarves.

5 ways to store your scarves

Left – Komplement multi-use hanger from IKEA   |   Right – Scarf hangers from Howards Storage World

4. Hooks & Pegs

Hang a row of pegs or hooks on the wall, or on the side or door of your wardrobe and hang your scarves on the hooks.

5 ways to store  your scarves

Image left – Linens on display at Shabby Chic Boutique via Holly Mathis Interiors   |   Image right – an easy tutorial to make this scarf at Tristin & Company

5. Ladder

For something different and if you have room, try hanging your scarves over the rungs of an old ladder, wither a freestanding one, or lean one up against a wall.

5 ways to store your scarves

Image – Left – IKEA ENUDDEN ladder via A Bowl Full of Lemons  |   Middle – Rustic ladder from Lillekats Blog   |   Scarf ladder from Almost Stylish

 Of course, you could store your scarves in a drawer but where’s the fun in that?  Scarves are so pretty, find a way to store them so they are on display.