Winter is officially here, and you just want to make your bed warm and cozy to hop into.  Flannelette sheets are a great way to warm up your bed for winter.  Watch the video below or read the blog post to learn about flannelette sheets and how to care for them

Warm Flannelette Sheets for Winter

I have childhood memories of warm and fluffy flannelette sheets.  As an adult I haven’t bought any.  Flannelette pyjamas yes, but sheets no.  Canningvale sent me a set of their Cozi Cotton Flannelette sheets to try and I’ve got to say, I’m converted.

Warm flannelette sheets for winter

These are the queen size Cozi Cotton flannelette sheets in the colour Orsetto Grey.  The colour works really well with the bedroom colour scheme.

What is Flannelette?

Basically flannelette is cotton thread that is woven together and then brushed each side so the surface to raise the fibres.  This produces a light weight, soft, fluffy fabric.  Just like the natural balls of cotton that grow.

Warm Flannelette sheets and cotton wreath

Cotton wreath from The Doors of Berry

The sheets are soft to touch and feel fluffy and warm.  Being 100% cotton, the fabric still breathes.

Caring for Flannelette Sheets

Flannelette sheets are easy to care for.  There are 2 things to look out for.  Pilling and shedding.  Pilling is when little raised balls appear on the surface of the fabric.  Shedding is when the fibre is pulled directly from the fabric.  This usually occurs when the sheets are new.  Both pilling and shedding are caused by heat and friction.

Warm flannelette sheets for winter

To prevent piling and shedding, wash your sheets on a low temperature.  Cold to warm.  I washed my sheets at 30 degrees celsius.  Choose an easy care or gentle cycle on the washing machine to reduce friction.

Washing with vinegar can also help with pilling and shedding.  Before I used the sheets I washed them at 30 degrees, easy care cycle.  I did not use detergent, but added half a cup of vinegar to the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine.  I have had no issues with shedding or pilling so far.  The vinegar also acts to set the colour and stop the sheets fading.  For future laundering I will wash the sheets in the same way but use a small amount of detergent in place of the vinegar.

What to look for when Buying Flannelette

Warm flannelette for winter

When buying flannelette sheets look at both the material and the weight.  You want 100% cotton flannelette.  Also look at the fabric weight.  The Canningvale Cozi Cotton sheets are 170 grams PSM (per square metre) which is a good quality.  When buying any fitted sheet, I always look for sheet depth.  These sheets are 37cm deep and fit over my extra deep pillow top mattress.

Warm Flannelette sheets and cotton wreath

After sleeping on these sheets for the past week or two, I have to say they are perfect for cold winter nights.  They are cosy, soft and warm without making you overly hot.

If you are after some flannelette sheets look at the Canningvale Cozi Cotton sheets (they are a great price at the moment).

Also check out their range of scented soy candles.  I got the Gardenia one, and it smells divine.

Gardenia scented soy candle

Disclosure:  Canningvale sent me a Queen size sheet set and scented candle to review for this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are mine, and I have given an honest account of the products.