Transform any wall both inside and out with a vertical garden.  Plant, herbs, flowers or any plant you like and watch as they grow and transform your wall.  A vertical garden is a contemporary look that will soften a wall and provide a lush garden feel for your patio or small space.

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These Green Wall pockets are the DIY version of the amazing herb garden seen in Josh and Jenna’s All Star Kitchen.  Each pocket contains four pouches that can hold 4-16 plants. You can use them on their own or buy more and join them together to create a green space anywhere in your home.

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The Holman Green Wall is an engineered platform that is designed to make hanging vertical gardens easy to set up and maintain in your yard or patio,  or even an apartment balcony.  the Green Wall incorporates a fully integrated irrigation system and enables you to grow a vegetable garden near your kitchen or make a welcoming entry statement for your home.

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