A bed without a bedhead or headboard just doesn’t look finished.  In this blog post, I’m talking about the beauty of upholstered bedheads and why you should have on for your bed.  Watch the video below, or read the post.

My Upholstered Bedhead

I bought my upholstered bedhead about 5 years ago from Domayne.  It’s a wing back style, and is upholstered in Warwick Linum in the colour slate.

Upholstered Bedheads

Slate is a tricky colour as it’s half way between a chocolate brown and a grey.  The bed linen has both beige and silver in it which works with the bedhead.  The quilt cover and sheets are from Laura Ashley and the Euro pillows and bedspread are form EziBuy.

Wing back Upholstered bedhead

The wing back shape wraps around the bedhead and makes the bed feel cozy.  A black nailhead trim runs along the edges.

Upholstered Bedframe

Bedhead v Bed Frame

Now when I call it a bedhead, it is actually a bed frame.  Meaning the bedhead is attached to a bed base which supports the mattress.  You can buy a bedhead on it’s own which either attaches to the wall or stands on legs.  Or you can buy a bed frame which just means the bedhead comes attached to a bed base.

Having a bed frame means there are only the 4 corner legs, and no legs in the middle of the bed that you get with an ensemble on casters.  It’s great for storing tutu bags under the bed (my life as a ballet mum!)

Upholstered Bedhead Height

When choosing an upholstered bedhead make sure the bedhead is higher than your pillows.  If not, the bedhead can get lost behind them and won’t have the impact you want.

Upholstered Bedhead wingback

Why Buy an Upholstered Bedhead

Here are my top reasons for adding an upholstered bedhead to your bed:

  • An upholstered bedhead makes a feature of your bed in the room
  • It adds height to your bed
  • It anchors your bed
  • The upholstery is comfortable to lean up against when sitting up in bed
  • It’s a great way to add colour, texture and pattern to the bed
  • A bed without a bedhead just doesn’t look finished (it’s up there with why you need to cover the bed base)

Favourite Upholstered Bedheads & Bed Frames

If you are looking to buy an upholstered bedhead, here are some of my favourite designs at the moment.

Upholstered Bedheads Shopping List

Straight Frames – Georgian Black Velvet Bedhead    |   Georgian Linen and French Oak Bedhead

Shaped Frames – Edith Bedhead in Natural Linen   |   Sophia Oak & Linen bedhead

Shaped Top – Thomas Alabaster Bedhead with Timber Legs   |   The Milan Wave Bedhead

Patterned Fabric – Skali Bedhead with Timber Legs   |   Hampton bedhead in Custom Fabric

Buttoned – Dark Grey Tufted Wing Bedhead   |  Prado Bedhead

Upholstered Bed Frame Shopping List

Linen Style – Heidi Bed Frame   |   Celine Bed Frame

Silver Grey – Harlow Bed Frame   |   Verona Bed Frame

Decorative – Ann Bed Frame   |   Marseille Bed Frame

Curved – Jasmine Bed Frame   |   Chester Bed Frame

Why you should use an upholstered bedhead

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