Today we start the season for love, laughter and celebrations and its time to start thinking about how to decorate your tree.  Do you pop up a faux pine tree or go on an adventure with the family to find a real pine.  At our house, we have a real christmas tree.  I love the smell of a real tree, and I love how patient my family are when I choose my tree, it can be a long process.  But the end result is perfection.

David Jones christmas

Is your tree adorned with colourful decorations lovingly made from kinder or school.  Or do you stick with a colour theme complete with many fairy lights.

Pottery Barn Christmas

Wrapping paper is the finishing touch for your gifts under the tree, do you match your paper  to your christmas decor?

Provincial Home Living christmas1.  David Jones Christmas tree.

2.  Hanging heart lights from David Jones.

3.  Jingle bell from David Jones.

4.  Gem bauble from David Jones.

5.  Pottery Barn Christmas tree.

6.  Blue and silver ribbed ornament from Pottery Barn.

7.  Sea urchin ornament from Pottery Barn.

8.  Silver jeweled snowflake from Pottery barn.

9.  Provincial Home Living christmas tree image from DIY Decorator.

10.  Silver birch elk decoration from Provincial Home Living.

11.  Small wreath from Provincial Home Living.

12.  Fabric bird decoration from Provincial Home Living.