Looking into your linen cupboard and wondering where to start?  It’s easy to accumulate unwanted towels and linen.  Follow these five simple tips to organise your linen cupboard and create an organised life.Linen cupboard

Image: Susan Lari Architect via Decorpad

Completely empty your linen cupboard, dust the shelving and wipe clean.

Linen cupboard organisation

Image: Pottery Barn

Sort your linen into three groups, the linen you will keep and store, linen you can donate to charity and the not so good linen.


Storage baskets

Baskets | Top Ikea | Basket | Bottom Target

Storing your linen in baskets will give your cupboard an organised and neat look.  With a family of five in our home, I find it easier to store my sheet sets together and pop them into the matching pillow case.  I learnt this great tip from Martha Stewart, and it works,  I love these canvas blanket bags from Howards Storage to store larger items that aren’t being used.

Linen cupboard labels

Adding clear labels to your baskets will allow you to find what your are looking for.

lavender sachet

Image: 20FourAcres Etsy


Lastly, stand back and admire your beautiful organised linen cupboard, add a scented lavender filled sachet to your cupboard to keep it smelling fresh.