As we approach the end of May, winter weather is well on the way.  After a long cold day, all you want to do is cuddle up in a warm cozy bed.  So warm and cozy that you don’t want to leave it in the morning.  Here are some tips to create a cozy winter bed.

Warm Sheets
Warm flannelette sheets for winter
Warm Sheets


Last winter, I added some warm flannelette sheets to my bed.  Although I love the feel of sleeping in crisp clean cotton, brushed cotton flannelette feels warmer and cosier in winter.

Warm flannelette sheets for winter


Warm Quilt

The key to truly staying warm in bed is to have the right bedding.  Quilts come in all sorts of materials and weights.  It’s about choosing the right fibre for you.  Wool, feather or dacron will all keep you warm.  We are all different.  One person may feel too cold under wool, but too hot under dacron.  It’s a bit of trial and error, but finding the right winter quilt makes a big difference.

Warm Wool Quilt

Warm Wool Quilt from Adairs

Add Layers

Add an extra blanket or throw on top of your quilt.  Not only does the extra layer make the bed look more cozy, you will benefit from the extra warmth even if it’s just across your feet.

Cozy Winter Bed

Arctic Throw from Bed Bath n’ Table

Heat Up the Bed

I grew up in Melbourne with cold nights and even colder mornings.  I must admit I did use an electric blanket to heat up the bed when I lived there and again when I lived in London.  It was so good to climb into a warm bed, then turn the heat down to gently keep you warm through the night.

Electric Blanket

Multi-Zone Electric Blanket from Pillow Talk

If your not comfortable sleeping with an electric blanket, you use a hot water bottle instead.

Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle Covers from Bed Bath n’ Table


To help keep the bedroom warm, try some insulation measures.  Reduce drafts by using a draft stopper under the door.

draft stopper

Draft Stopper from French Knot

Invest in a good set of fully lined blackout curtains.  A room looses so much heat through the glass.  Curtains that completely cover the glass will help to keep the heat in.  I’m a big believer in long, full, blackout curtains for the bedroom.  They help insulate the room and block out the light which makes for a better night’s sleep.

custom made curtains by pret a portiere

My bedroom curtains from Pret-a-Porteire

Dress for A Warm Night In Bed

Finally this best way to have a warm cozy sleep is to dress right.  Get yourself some warm pyjamas and a dressing gown and slippers to make it easier to get out of bed in the morning.


Plush Bathrobe from Bed Bath n’ Table

Hope that helps you create a warm and cozy bed this winter.