How do you display the towels in your bathroom?  Whether you hang them on a rail, over a hook, or have them folded in a basket, we’ve found some great ways for displaying towels in your bathroom.  Towels are a great way to add colour and pattern to your bathroom, so here are 10 ideas to display them well.

Hang on A Towel Rail

Fold the towels nicely on the rail rather than just throwing them over.  Here using two different coloured towels on a double rail works well.

displaying towels

Image via Decozilla

Hang on a Hook

The simplest way is simply to throw your towel over a hook.  Even the kids will do this one.

displaying towels

Design: HSH Interiors

On a Heated Towel Rail

For a little luxury, especially in cold climate areas, invest in a heated towel rail to dry out and gently warm your towels.  Pure indulgence.

contemporary bathroom

Image: DIY Decorator

Folded on A Shelf

Folded towels on a shelf are a great way to store extra towels.  Make sure the fold is facing the front and the edges are towards the back.

displaying towels

via Carla Aston Designed

In a Basket

Fold towels in half or quarters and them roll them up and place them in a basket.

displaying towels

Image: Apartment Therapy

Rolled Up in a Bowl or Urn

Rolled hand towels or face washers also look good rolled up and displayed in a footed bowl or urn.

displaying towels in bowl

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Bath Rail

Some bath units come with the own towel rail, so you can reach your towel without getting out of the bath.

displaying towels

Design: Courtney Hill Interiors

Free Standing Rail

If walk space is a problem, use a free standing towel rail in front of the glass shower screen.

displaying towels

Design: Mark Williams Design

In a Wine Rack

Roll up your towels and store them in a wine rack or towel holder.  Great for storing extra towels neatly on the wall.

displaying towels wine rack


Over a Ladder

For some rustic charm, use an old ladder leaning against the wall to hang towels over the rail.

displaying towels ladder

Design: Kate Marker Interiors

How do you display your towels?