5 Simple Tips To Organise your Linen Cupboard

Looking into your linen cupboard and wondering where to start?  It’s easy to accumulate unwanted towels and linen.  Follow these five simple tips to organise your linen cupboard and create an organised life. Image: Susan Lari Architect via Decorpad Completely empty your linen cupboard, dust the shelving and wipe clean. Image: Pottery Barn Sort your […]

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Hot Water Bottles to Warm You Up

hot water bottle knitted cover pattern

Now the cooler weather is here and the nights are chilly, you might want to warm yourself up with a good old fashioned hot water bottle.  A cosy cover will hide the ugly rubber insert and protect your skin from the direct heat of the bottle.  There are some very cute hot water bottle covers […]

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Garden Gazebo

spring time gazebo

Now that the weather’s warming up, it’s a perfect time to get out into the garden.  Setting up a garden gazebo is a great way to make use of your garden in the spring/summer season.  There are some great temporary gazebos available.  Add a comfy chair and a good book or magazine and you’re set. […]

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Laundry storage ideas

Organising your laundry is all about using all the space you have available, with storage baskets, glass containers and a place for all your cleaning products.  Your new organised laundry will save you time by creating an efficient workflow. A drying rack to hang clothes from is useful for the colder months,  you can also […]

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Decorating Secrets – Add Greenery

Have you ever noticed that in nearly every beautiful magazine photo there is some greenery – either a plant or flowers?  Well that’s because it’s one of the decorating secrets – add greenery to a room for softness and a touch of nature. Images left from House to Home, right from Yahoo Home Beautiful Now […]

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Shoe Storage Ideas

Are your shoes in a jumble all over the floor?  Here are some stylish shoe storage ideas to clear up the clutter and have you stepping out in your favourite shoes in no time. Photo & Tips for creating a tidy shoe cupboard from Lucky Magazine in the US Fuji Instamax mini camera from Target […]

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Bathroom Baskets Roundup

Rattan bathroom accessories

Earlier in the week we posted ideas for using baskets in your bathroom – see here.  Now that you’re inspired to add some baskets to your room, we wanted to share some of the nicest baskets we’ve seen lately. DIY Decorator Sourcebook 1 & 2.   Small grey wicker basket from Howards Storage World 3 […]

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