How to Pin Instagram Photos

Have you ever come across a beautiful image in instagram and wished you could pin it to one of your Pinterest boards?  Well you can.  Here’s how: Step 1 Open instagram on your phone and find an instagram image you love.  I love this bedroom setting from Black Band Design.  Click on the circles below […]

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Dream Home Journal

Whether you’re building, renovating or planning for your perfect home, Kikki K have a range of folders and Journals to help you store and organise all your inspiration and product samples. Your dream home is not far away with this handy and stylish Dream Home Organiser.     Pinterest is a great way to store […]

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Inspiration for DIY Decorators

Pinterest Board DIY Decorator

One of the challenges facing those of us who like to decorate is finding the right ideas and inspiration.  Sometimes all we have to do is see a picture and snap, just like that, we are able to solve a decorating problem, or we can get an idea of what we can do to our […]

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