How to Quickly Edit Instagram Photos

Quickly Edit Instagram photos

I love Instagram and seeing everyone’s pictures, but  Instagram has come a long way since I began using it in August 2011.  Back then you’d just point your phone at something, press the camera button and post it.  Whilst you can certainly still do that, if you want your pictures to look their best, there are a […]

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Instagram Hashtag #glimpseofmyhome

Instagram hashtag #glimpseofmyhome

Instagram is more than just a photo sharing app, it’s a community. Introducing the Instagram hashtag #glimpseofmyhome. Use this hashtag to share a peek inside your own home, and discover other Instagram users who love decorating their home too. You all loved seeing inside the home of @seacova What’s a Hashtag? A hashtag is a […]

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The Real Homes of Instagram

We know how much you all love seeing inside real homes and seeing how they are decorated.  Sam and I are working hard to bring you more real home room tours, but today I wanted to share some of my favourite real homes of instagram.  If you like beautiful homes with inspiring decor, have a […]

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Summer Instagram Inspiration

DIY Decorator

Today we have some Summer Instagram Inspiration for you to enjoy.  Instagram is not just for checking up on friends, but it can also ensure you will never miss a new decorating trend or the latest homewares that are out in your favourite store.  Here are just a few inspiring instagram feeds to follow and be […]

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Instagram Inspiration

I love seeing inside people’s homes and being inspired by how they decorate and put things together.  What I love about instagram is that often you can see inside real homes and how people decorate for everyday living rather than professional styling for a photo shoot.  Here are some homes you might like to see. […]

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How to Pin Instagram Photos

Have you ever come across a beautiful image in instagram and wished you could pin it to one of your Pinterest boards?  Well you can.  Here’s how: Step 1 Open instagram on your phone and find an instagram image you love.  I love this bedroom setting from Black Band Design.  Click on the circles below […]

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