Garden Decor

5 Garden Decor Items for Your Garden

Roman Urn Rust Pot

It’s so incredibly hot across Australia at the moment, that the last thing we probably feel like is going out into the garden.  But the heat won’t last forever, so here are 5 garden decor items that you can add to your garden to instantly improve the look and feel. Planter Box White Planter Box available […]

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Plant Pots – Indoor & Out


We love adding beautiful lush green plants to our home.  Indoor and out.  Adding a plant with the perfect pot is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update a space.  Today we have twelve pots to suit your indoor and outdoor space to freshen up your home. Blue and white planter – Early […]

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DIY – Chinese Star Jasmine on Espalier Wire

I have often admired espaliered grown plants.  Today we are going to make our own DIY espalier frame for a Chinese Star Jasmine.  My project is on the side of my chicken house.  The girls will love it. What you will need. Hammer and battery drill. Screws  (make sure to use a length that will […]

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Set up the Pool House for Summer

pool house summer

Now you may not have a glamorous pool house, or even a pool for that matter, but you can still create a beautiful outdoor setting so you can enjoy some summer sunshine.  The key is to make it comfortable, so you have everything you need at hand. Image: Driftwood Interiors What you Need to Set […]

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Christmas Potted Plants

Christmas potted plants red bows

If you have some potted plants by your front door or in your garden, why not decorate them for Christmas?  Christmas potted plants are such a quick and easy way to add some festive holiday cheer to the outside of your home.  It’s as simple as a bow, some lights and some decorations. I have […]

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Outdoor Fire pits

Cold winter nights call for a toasty warm fire.  If you haven’t got a fireplace in your home why not light a fire outside with an outdoor fire pit.  There’s something special about the glow of a wood fire, and for toasting marshmallows or smores. Image: Sullivan Design Studio Image: My Domaine Image: Luxe Want […]

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Garden Nook and Seating

Garden Nook and  Seating. Create a beautiful outdoor space to relax and unwind at home in your garden.  My garden is looking lush  and green this summer with all the rain we have had here in Melbourne.  I have planted a row of  luma hedges (The Tutu Guru)  with a row of boxed hedges (The Hedge)  in front, and […]

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