Wondering what to do with your vintage teacup collection?   Styling with Vintage Teacups is an easy and stylish way to add a vintage touch to your home or celebration.  I have collected many gorgeous bone china teacups over the years and have filled them with roses to decorate for an afternoon tea.

They add vintage glamour to your kitchen tea, baby shower or high tea celebration in your home or garden.

vintage teacups

Use gorgeous blooms from your garden that are currently in season to fill your vintage teacups.  I have wrapped my small posies of roses together with some florist wire, florist tape or an elastic band will also work just as well to keep them in place.

 Images from DIY Decorator.

Vintage teacups3

Teacup projects for entertaining are quick and easy and will allow you to style your table and entertain effortlessly.

Gorgeous teacups image from The Vintage Table.

Vintage teacups1

Fill your teacups with succulents, herbs, strawberries or candles.

 Rose in teacup image|Succulent in teacup and succulents image from DIY Decorator.

vintage teacups

 Image  from The Inspired Room.

The Inspired Room have a beautiful display of succulents in blue and white china for a small indoor garden.vintage teacups6

TeacupsTeacup Image from DIY Decorator.