Last week I took a trip to the Brisbane Flower Market and put together some simple DIY Mothers Day Flowers.  We celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia on Sunday, and there will be thousands of mums who will be treated to breakfast in bed and a bunch of flowers. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on flowers, just follow our simple tips to create a pretty flower arrangement for mum (or yourself).

simple diy mothers day flowers

I am not a florist and I’ve never done a flower arranging course, but here are some tips I use to create simple DIY flower arrangements.

Buy the Flowers

  • Buy your main flower – I used white Chrysanthemums
  • Buy your accent flower – I used purple irisis
  • Buy your foliage – I used hypericum berry
  • I also bought some Gardenia leaves and some white stocks to use as a secondary arrangementsimple DIY mothers day flowers

How to Prepare the Flowers

  • Remove all packaging and ties from the flowers and soak them in a bucket of water while you get everything ready
  • Choose a vase or container
  • Make your own Flower Food, and fill the vase 3/4 with the water
  • Using sharp scissors or shears, cut the flowers at a 45 degree angle so they are the right height for the vase – I usually cut the flowers so that somewhere between half to 2/3 of the stem is inside the vase and half to 1/3 is above the rim of the vase.
  • Strip off all the leaves and stems at the bottom of the flower that will touch the water
  • Remove and scrappy looking leaves or damaged flowers

How to Make the Arrangement

  • I start by arranging the main flower evenly in the vase.  You can make the flowers in the centre higher than the flowers around the edges.
  • Add the greenery to the arrangement.  The greenery acts as a backdrop or support for the flowers.  I mainly add these around the edges, and slightly lower than the flowers.
  • Add the accent flowers.  I added 5 (odd numbers work well) purple irisis to the arrangement to add a pop of purple to the green and white.

simple diy mothers day flowers

There you have it.  A simple DIY flower arrangement.

simple DIY mothers day flowers

I like to stretch my flower arrangements so I saved 3 chrysanthemums and placed them in a ginger jar with the gardenia leaves.

DIY flowersChrysanthemums are the traditional Mothers Day flower.  You can read more about which flowers to choose for Mother Day in our story from last year – Choosing the Right Flowers for Mother’s Day

stocks flowers

The stocks look beautiful in their own in a simple pitcher.  You can’t get a simpler flower arrangement than that.

So call in at your local flower market or grocery store and pick up some flowers for mum this Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.

DIY Mothers Day Flower Arrangement