Side tables are a great idea for the end of your sofa.  But what’s the right height for a side table?  In order to be functional you need to choose a side table that is the right height.  Here’s my guide to choosing the right height side table for your sofa.

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Choosing the Right Height Side Table

What's the right height side table

As a general rule, your side table should be the same height as the arm of your sofa.  At this height it is easy for you to place a drink on the table whilst sitting on the sofa.

What's the right height side table

Of course side tables aren’t just for drinks.  You can use them to create a pretty display in your room.  This side table was from the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre.  I like to mix new and old.  The orchid is from Botticelli House.  The candle was a gift for Mother’s Day.  The hot chocolate mug is from Country Road and I’ve had 4 of them since I was 21 years old!!!

What's the right height side table

Side tables are also known as end tables, as they sit at the end of your sofa.

What do do with a Side Table that’s too Short?

What's the right height side table

If your side table is a little too low, you can add some height with a stack of books or a decorative box.  This little marble table was from The Old Boathouse Antiques.  I think it really adds character and charm to the room.  The curved shape and details on the pedestal contrast well with the square straight lines of our Clara Sofa from Alfresco Emporium.

What's the right height side table

What's the right height side table

I use a small marble coaster on top of a stack of books that was a gift from Sunday Society.

What's the right height side table

So here are some side tables that I’m loving at the moment.  Before you buy one, just make sure that you know your sofa arm height.  Check the side table height with your arm height.

12 of the best side tables

Round Side Tables – Cameron Side Table   |   Coastline Side Table Black   |   Rosaline Side Table

Cross Leg Side Tables – Lauder Side Table   |   Tyros Oak Side Table   |   War Chest Side Table

Square Side Tables –   Redding Lamp Table   |   Brazil Side Table   |   Parquet Side Table

Rectangle Side Tables – Lattice Mirrored Side Table   |   Genell Side Table   |   Ashiya Side Table

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Right height for a side table

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