There is something about a new year that makes you want to get all organised.  A couple of years ago I created a Home Command Centre in my kitchen, and I want to share with you what I did and how easy it is to set up your own.

Home Command Centre Kitchen

I needed a central landing deck.  A place to put my handbag and keys when I got home.  A place to keep the calendar, invitations, school notices, shopping list and so on.  So I created what I call my Home Command Centre on a little wall at the end of my kitchen. It’s basically a central hub to organise our family life.

Home Command Centre

How to Set Up a Home Command Centre

Choose a Location

I chose to put our home command centre at the end of the kitchen as that made the most sense for our family.  You could also keep your home command centre in your home office, laundry, mudroom or by the front or back door.

Choose a Board

I chose a magnetic whiteboard for our command centre.  It was from IKEA, and fit the wall perfectly.  You could also use a fabric covered board, cork board, chalk board or a combination of different boards.

Add your Organising Tools

Every family will need different tools to get organised.  I used:

  • A Family Calendar from Kikki K
  • Menu Planning Pad and Shopping list pad from Kikki K
  • Magnetic hooks for holding the car keys from Kikki K
  • Magnetic binder clips for holding notices and our weekly schedule
  • The blue and white magnets were a gift from a friend (who knows my love of blue and white well).  Find similar at Bed Bath n’ Table
  • The pen/pencil holder is actually an Eclipse mint tin.  I removed the lid, covered the tin with paper (using Mod Podge) and glued some magnets on the back so it would stick to the board.
  • To decorate the board I made a mini bunting from scrapbook paper and some ribbon.

Home Command Centre Car Keys

Never loose the car keys again.

This system has worked well for our family for the past few years.  Everyone can see what’s on the calendar, and keep track of events and things to do.  I often find that the shopping list has been filled with requests of food to buy.

Getting organised home command centre

In the digital age, I’m afraid I’m still rather analog.  Whilst I love my phone, I am still a pen and paper kind of girl, preferring to write out lists.  In addition to our family calendar, I keep an old fashioned diary.  Rather than keeping to do lists on scrap paper, I write them in my diary and tick them off.

home command centre

I often sit at our kitchen bench and plan out my week.  It’s handy having everything in the one place.  I can plan out our meals, check the pantry, write out the shopping list and grab the keys and head out the door.


To create your own home command centre, try these retailers: IKEA, Kikki K, Officeworks, and Typo  You will find fabric noticeboards at French Knot, and Pottery Barn have a great organisation system called The Daily System.

Have you set up a Home Command Centre at your place?  We’d love to see picture.

home command centre