Setting Up A Home Command Centre

Setting Up A Home Command Centre To Stay Organised

Thinking of setting up a home command centre? It’s the start of a new calendar year that inspires you to get organised. Two years ago, I set up a Home Command Centre for my kitchen. I’d like to show you how simple it is to create your own.

A central landing deck was needed. When I arrived home, I needed a place to store my keys and handbag. The calendar, school announcements, invitations and shopping list can all be kept in one place. On a small wall near my kitchen, I have created my Home Command Centre. It’s a central hub for organizing our family life. Here you will learn how to design a home command centre and be more organised every day!

How to Set Up A Home Command Centre

Select a Location

It made sense to me that I put the home command center at the end the kitchen, as it was the best location for my family. Your home command centre could be in your office, laundry room, mudroom, or near the front or rear door.

Select a Board

I selected a magnetic board for our command center. The board was purchased from IKEA and fitted the wall perfectly. You can also use a board covered in fabric, a cork board, a chalkboard or a combination.

Add your Organising Tool

Each family has different needs for organizing. We used:

  • Kikki K Family Calendar
  • Kikki K Menu Planner and Shopping List Pad
  • Kikki K Magnetic Hooks for Holding the Car Keys
  • Magnetic binder clips to hold our weekly schedule and notices
  • The magnets are a gift (from a friend who knows how much I love blue and white). Similar items are available at Bed Bath n’ Table
  • The pen/pencil holder was made from an Eclipse mint tin. The lid was removed, the tin covered with Mod Podge and magnets were glued to the back.
  • To decorate the board, I made a small bunting out of scrapbook paper.


Setting Up A Home Command Centre
Setting Up A Home Command Centre

Never lose your car keys again.

The system has been a great asset to our family over the last few years. The calendar allows everyone to keep track of events, tasks and other activities. The shopping list is often filled with food requests.

I am still a bit analog in the digital age. While I love my smartphone, I still prefer to make lists with a pen. I also keep a traditional diary in addition to the family calendar. Instead of keeping lists on scraps of paper, I keep them in my journal and tick them off.

My weekly schedule is usually planned at the kitchen table. Everything is in one place, which is convenient. I can plan our meals, check out the pantry, make a shopping list, grab my keys, and go out.


French Knot has fabric noticeboards, while Pottery Barn offers a system of organisation called The Daily System.

Do you have a Home Command Centre in your home? Please send us a picture.

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