Are you struggling with having a neat and tidy kitchen that’s free of clutter.  Appliances and paperwork can sometimes make their way out onto bench tops and stay there a little while. Here are some basic tips for keeping your kitchen clutter free.


Clear out a cupboard

This is the first step to decluttering the bench tops.  Clear out unnecessary items and old and dated wares from your cupboards.  This way you will have room for storing your bench clutter.


Keep the benches clear/storage

The temptation to use your bench tops as a drop off place for mail, keys, school notices is tempting, especially when we are short of time.  Keep a filing box, basket, filing tray or an expandable file in a cupboard clearly labelled so you can file your paperwork.



Make sure that whatever you do keep on the bench top is functional and essential to your cooking.  Alternatively store your appliances in an easy accessible cupboard under the bench where you can use them.  Use a tray to hold your toaster or small appliance, this will also keep it neat and tidy, and crumbs won’t end up all over the bench.

Trays are also a great way to keep things together.  I have my home phone on a tray on the bench.  Our keys can also be left there too.


Notice board

Don’t use the fridge as an art gallery.  Once you remove any notices, photos, lists, and magnets from the front of the fridge you will be amazed how much neater the kitchen looks. Hang a magnetic notice board or pin board in the pantry or on the inside of your pantry door.

Kitchen 4

The top drawer

If you have a top drawer for storing bits and pieces such as elastic bands, batteries, scissors and tape use plastic containers to keep your items in.  You can buy take away plastic containers from the supermarket, this way you will still have some type of order in your kitchen drawer for all your bits and pieces.

kitchen clutter

I hope these simple tips have helped you achieve a clutter free kitchen.  Leave us a comment and let us know how you went.

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