I have a really special treat for you today.  A glimpse of the REAL Hamptons and expert advice to achieve the Hamptons look in your house.  My guest today, is Donna from Hamptons Style shop in Sanctuary Cove.  Donna has recently returned from a trip to the Hamptons and is sharing photos from her trip with us.  Here’s Donna:

A Visit to the Hamptons

I spend time in the Hamptons each year, and feel very much at home there. It’s hard to put into words, but I find that the Hamptons is not just a decorating style but a lifestyle. It’s a way to live.

real hamptons montauk

More than just blue and white (which stems from a more traditional design point), decorating for this style is classic and timeless. Going from the hustle and bustle of the city out a few hours to the Hamptons is like breathing for the first time. The air is clear, beautiful surroundings and it’s really about enjoying time away from being busy and getting together with family and friends for valued time.

Real Hamptons

Real Hamptons


Key Elements of Real Hamptons Style

We asked Donna to tell us her top tips for getting the real Hamptons look in our homes.

Timeless Coastal Style

Real Hamptons Decorating Style

Decorating with a Hamptons style in mind is classic, it’s timeless. The look is light and airy, ready for a summers day at the beach. As the Hamptons suburbs are by the ocean, bring the seaside inside. Corals, shells and natural objects always have a place in a Hamptons home. Think jute or sisal rugs for the floors and I love to see old sailing boat artwork on the walls.

Mix old with the new

Rustic Hamptons Style

Blend your antiques and older pieces with new finds. Rattan and wicker always have a place, and battered timber furniture can sit well too. Don’t be afraid to paint some furniture pieces either, however make sure you use soft colours such a seafoam, white or light blue.

Blue & White

real hamptons style

It is a misconception here in Australia that Hamptons is just blue and white all over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Using blue & white ceramics in the home is a traditional decorating method. Hamptons is also traditional, classic and timeless. Cue: blue and white…

About Hamptons Style – The Shop

Hamptons Style started out in 2010 from my love of that feeling of calm and relaxed that you feel when you’re at the beach coupled with wanting to work from home to be with my children more. So Hamptons Style opened as an online store.

Real Hamptons Style

From there a tiny store was opened in Sanctuary Cove and two years later a larger space. And there we are at the current day. Location-wise I can’t think of a better spot for the shop to be in than beautiful Sanctuary Cove. Perfectly relaxed and friendly on every level.

Real Hamptons Console Rather than work in the store now I have been focusing on the Interior Design work and love collaborating with my clients to create their own slice of Hamptons heaven, although I don’t just limit myself to one style. I am very inspired by American design, from fabrics to wallpapers and everything in between. Custom furniture is one thing that I love to work on. Creating a unique piece in a wonderful fabric is magic!

Real Hamptons Style

Thank you so much to Donna for sharing her trip and decorating tips with us.  I’m sure you’ll all agree the Hamptons is a very beautiful and special place.  If you’re after your own little piece of Hamptons style be are to visit Donna in person or online.

Shop Details:

Hamptons Style

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