I love Instagram and seeing everyone’s pictures, but  Instagram has come a long way since I began using it in August 2011.  Back then you’d just point your phone at something, press the camera button and post it.  Whilst you can certainly still do that, if you want your pictures to look their best, there are a couple of ways you can quickly edit your photos so they are lighter and brighter.

Instagram shot I took featuring Murchison Hume products.  When you work with brands you need good quality light and bright photos.

Use the Editing Features In the Instagram App

The easiest way to edit your photos is in the Instagram app itself.  Simply open the photo in Instagram and click the edit button at the bottom.

Here you can edit the picture by adjusting:

  • the angle of the picture
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • structure
  • warmth
  • saturation
  • colour
  • highlights
  • shadows
  • sharpen

Here’s a quick video to show you some of the photo elements you can edit in instagram.

Use the Snapseed App

There is a free app you can download on both apple and android devices called Snapseed.  Once you open a picture in the app, you can adjust it simply by sliding your finger back and forth.

In addition to all the adjustments you can make in the Instagram app, Snapseed allows you to:

  • crop the photo
  • will automatically straighten the photo when you press rotate
  • allows you to correct the white balance and get rid of any yellow or blue glow
  • and you can add text to your photo.

To watch a video on how to use the Snapseed app, see this one by Paul from Photo Genius Brisbane.

Here’s a photo I took of Robyn’s powder room on my phone before and after editing with Snapseed.

Quickly edit Instagram Photos

Quickly edit Instagram Photos

To see more of this beautiful room visit Room Tour: A Botanical Powder Room

Other Editing Software

You can also take photos on your camera and edit them on your computer or iPad using picture editing software such as Pic Monkey or Photoshop.  I do this when I am editing photos for the DIY Decorator website, but if I’m just snapping a picture for Instagram, I use Snapseed or the editing functions inside instagram.

Share Your Instagram Photos

I’d love to see your instagram photos.  Simply post a photo using the hash tag #glimpseofmyhome and I’ll be sure to see it.

How to quickly edit instagram photos