Today is the first of our new series of Questions & Answers with some of our favourite designers, makers and creators.  It is a real honour that our first guest in this series is Michelle Grayson from Sprout Gallery.


Michelle Grayson 2016

In a Nutshell

How did you become an artist

I inherited the love of art from my Mum. I remember in the eighties and nineties always helping her carry her canvases to the different art shows. Christmas and birthdays were always art sets or paints. We were never allowed markers. It always had to be pencils so we could learn to blend.

My bother and I both went to art college and became graphic designers just as computers were entering the scene. Back then, everything was hand drawn and designed. After a few years working in advertising I went back to University and did a Fine Arts degree (where I learnt ceramics and printmaking) and then Communication. I worked in special events as a trade fair organiser for the Qld Gift Fairs. It wasn’t creative enough for me so I ventured into retail display and then somehow fell into graphic design again. After becoming a mum I found it hard sitting at a computer all day doing graphics so I picked up a paintbrush and never looked back.

Sprout Gallery painting pears


I love blue and white. Always have. Blue and white clothes, blue and white textiles, blue and white china…

I bought my first ginger jar in the mid nineties working as an organiser at the Gift Fair. I worked as a display artist in Melbourne at a gorgeous garden store that carried a lot of blue and white china pots and vases. I was in heaven…

Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE. The internet has made it more possible than ever.

Often inspiration comes from something I want but can’t afford. So I draw it!!!

Sprout gallery hand painted blue and white china artwork


I love being able to dictate my own hours and paint what I want when I want. I think I have just about tried every medium.

Being around for the kids is also great. That is really important to me however painting does come at the cost of being ‘mum’ first so paintings can just sit there for weeks which is why I don’t do commissions. People phoning or writing to tell me how much they love my art really makes it worthwhile.

I have also met lots of interesting and creative people who have been instrumental in shaping the path Sprout Gallery has and is, taking.

Sprout Gallery Artwork


Hamptons. I love blue and white ticking.

My whole house – surprise, surprise – is blue and white. White couch covers, ticking chair covers, old beat up painted white furniture. I have an old 1920s Queenslander so it’s easy for this style to fit in. The blue and white ginger jars work well in the house as well. I love the house in the movie ‘Something’s gotta give.’ Who doesn’t!

Sprout Gallery at home


An item on my wish list would be an art studio. I’m busting at the seams. I’m spread out all over the house as the room downstairs is too dark. Other than that I would love a Rosetta Santucci original canvas. I first saw her artwork on TV in the series Offspring. I covet that beautiful painting that hung above Nina’s bed.

Sprout Gallery Painting Corner


Not really. My parents and I have different tastes (they like more earthy colours) but I grew up surrounded by mum’s love of lots of art hung on walls pottery and knick knacks that I have collected over time, overseas or handed down. I love walking into a home that looks like it has evolved over time and not decorated from one store in an afternoon – it really says something about the owner. My husband and I have the same taste too which is also really handy. We rarely disagree on decor.

Sprout Gallery wall gallery

Thank you so much Michelle for giving us an insight into your work and home life.  To see more of Michelle’s artwork please visit:

Sprout Gallery Shop   |   Sprout Galley Website   |   @sproutgallery on instagram