Is your phone or laptop full of photos?  Well  it’s time to get those photos off your device and printed so you can enjoy looking at them.

I love looking at photos.  They are a personal reminder of a moment in time.  Instead of scrolling through my camera roll on my phone, I like to print my photos so I can enjoy them in real life.  Old school, I know!
Erik Sawaya Photography

Photography by Erik Sawaya

I recently discovered an online printing company called Parabo Press, so I decided to give them a try.  Here’s a quick video or read the rest of this blog post:

Fine Art Prints

Parabo Press offer a printing service called Fine Art Prints where you can have any of your photos printed ready for framing or simply to hang on the wall.  My daughter is a full-time ballet student and she recently had a photo session with Erik Sawaya Photography.  We bought a number of photos which of course were just sitting on my desktop computer in a file.  Time to get it printed!Parabo Press Fine Art Print

I chose a 12″ x 17″ print.  It comes in a matt finish rather than a glossy photo finish, which I think makes it look more like artwork than just a photo.

Given the simplicity of the photo, I wanted to display it simply. So I ordered the 12″ Wood Poster rails to hang it on the wall.  I like the way it looks as though my daughter is standing en pointe on the timber rail.

Parabo Press Fine Art Ballet Print

The timber rails are held together by magnets.  All you have to do is separate them, place them either side of the ring and bring them together until the magnets join.

Bonus Instagram Prints

Parabo Press also offer a great way to print your Instagram pictures.  The best bit is you can print 25 of your favourite Instagram pictures for free (just pay for shipping).  Sometimes when I look at my home all I can see is mess and ‘things to do’.  To change that negative mindset and enjoy all the times when my home does look good, I chose to print 25 photos of my home on the DIY Decorator Instagram feed.

Parabo Press Instagram Photos

Parabo Press Instagram Photos

I’m going to put them up in my office to keep me happy and motivated whilst I work.  I’ll post a photo on Instagram and Facebook soon.

Parabo Press Packaging

So if you want a pretty package like this at brighten your day, head on over to Parabo Press.

Parabo Press