Spring is a popular time to list your property for sale.  To ensure you get the best price for your property, I spoke to Ivana Reich from McGrath Real Estate to get her top tips to prepare your property for sale.

First Impressions Count

The first thing buyers will see when they walk up to your home are the landscaping and exterior features of your house.


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Before you list your property for sale, make a list of anything that is broken or not working and get it fixed. This does not mean renovate the entire place, it’s just about removing obstacles or objections from potential buyers.  If the door doesn’t open or close properly – fix it.  If there are light bulbs that need changing – change them.


Now is the time to have a good look at everything you own and assess

a) do you really need it or

b) do you really need it on display?

prepare your home for sale

This professionally styled house in Mt Gravatt East is decorated without unnecessary clutter

Donate or get rid of anything you don’t need.  There’s no point packing it up and moving it to your next place.  If there are things you need but make the property look cluttered, such as too many books in a bookcase, pack them up in boxes or containers and store them out of sight.

If you really have a lot of clutter you can’t part with you may need to rent self-storage or a pod during the sale campaign.  Storage is great when you simply have too much furniture.  By reducing the amount of furniture in the room, the room can appear bigger, and it may help a potential buyer better visualise their furniture in the room.


Image: Pabs

Reduce what you have on display on surfaces such as the kitchen benches, bedside tables and the bathroom vanity.


prepare your property for sale

Image: Home Staging Brisbane

This is a tricky one, but you want potential buyers to visualise all of their furniture and belongings in your property.  Reduce the amount of personal photos and memorabilia you have on display, so the property looks more neutral and may appeal to a wider audience.

Clean Up

Dirt and smells put buyers off.  Give your property a complete and thorough clean.  Scrub and clean the kitchen and bathroom.  Wash the windows inside and out.  Vacuum, mop and dust everything.  Wash the outside of your place and tidy the garden or balcony.

clean house for sale

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Ivana says to:

Reduce, Remove and Re-Organise

home staging

Image – Hedge & Pickett Interiors

Yes.  People will open your cupboards and drawers so clean and tidy those too.

Finishing Touches

finishing touches

Image: @hammer_and_heels

Now’s the time to attend to all those finishing touch details that can improve the presentation of your property.  Put fresh bed linen on the bed.  Hang clean towels in the bathroom.  Straighten up artwork on the walls.  Plump up your cushions.  Put the toilet seat down.  Empty all the rubbish bins.  Make sure everything is tidy and finally add some fresh flowers.

Use a Professional Home Stager

Home Staging

Before & After by Home Staging Brisbane

These days, many vendors will use a professional home stager to decorate and style their home for sale.  A home stager may dress your property with a range of both bought or rented furniture, furnishings and decor accessories.  They may also suggest minor works such as repainting walls if necessary.

Ivana Real Estate Agent

Ivana Reich – McGrath Real Estate, Bulimba

Thank you to Ivana for her great tips.  If you would like more tips including pest inspections and what to do with pets, Ivana has prepared a checklist called 8 simple steps to get your home ready to sell.  To get your copy, email her at ivanareich@mcgrath.com.au