We love adding beautiful lush green plants to our home.  Indoor and out.  Adding a plant with the perfect pot is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update a space.  Today we have twelve pots to suit your indoor and outdoor space to freshen up your home.

Planter pots

Blue and white planter – Early Settler   |   Prints – Sprout Gallery

 Butlers Tray – Provincial Home Living

Plant pots

1.  Blue & white bird planter – Early Settler   |   2.   Blue & white leaf planter – Early Settler   |   3.  Blue & white oval planter – Early Settler |   4.  White planter – Adairs   |   5.   Baxter white & blush planter – Adairs   |    6.  Basket weave planter – Ikea   |   7.  Terracotta planter with saucer  – Ikea   |   8.  Copper arch planter – Target   |   9. Dip dye white &  Yellow planter – Target   |  10.  Marble planter – KMart   |   11.   Wire basket six pot planter – Kmart   |  12.   White planter with saucer – Ikea

planter pots

Cyclamens are perfect for adding much needed colour to our homes in the colder months.  You can still pop them outside for some cold air and a good water.


Combined with a good potting mix from your local nursery or hardware store and a liquid  fertiliser you will be able to keep your indoor plant healthy and happy.

planter pots

Maidenhair ferns are a delicate leafy green plant that is suitable for indoors.  You can read about taking care of your Maidenhair fern on DIY Decorator.