When planning your vegetable garden look for a sunny spot in your backyard.  You can buy many vegetable garden kits from your local hardware store, or build a raised vegetable garden with sleepers, quality soil and some pea straw mulch over your soil to keep the weeds out and the moisture in.

DIY Vegie garden1


Most plant nursery’s have a large selection of vegetables to plant right now.  Nothing tastes as good as your own home grown tomatoes, choose a metal or timber garden stake to support your tomatoes as they grow and don’t forget to feed your vegetables after you plant them for a healthy crop.

Planting a vegie garden2

The Garden Planner is a garden blog and app about urban gardening and food sustainability with many hints and advice for producing your own quality vegetables.

The Diggers Club  is Australia’s largest garden club who are passionate about preserving the best traditions. The Diggers Club nurture two historic gardens so you can visit and learn about gardening. Heronswood has two buildings listed on the Register of National Estate. they teach gardening at horticultural colleges, run workshops, and publish many books.

Country style vegie garden

1.  Vegetable garden inspiration from HGTV.

2.  Floriana Tommy Tee tomato.

3.  Heirloom lettuce mix from The Diggers Club.

4.  Cone plant trainer.

5.  Vegetable garden inspiration.

6.  Yates tomato and vegie fertiliser from Masters.

7.  Herb pots from Martha Stewart.

8.  Provincial garden arch from Bunnings.

9.  Fun garden inspiration.

10.  Pea straw mulch from Bunnings.

11.  Plant trainer from Bunnings.

12.  Hardwood garden fence from Bunnings.