Have you ever put your glass of wine down at a party to do something, then come back and you can’t remember which glass is yours?  Well you need some personalised wine charms so you’ll never loose your glass again, and we can show you how easy they are to make.  Follow 4 simple steps and you’re done.  There’s even a free champagne printable at the end.

Champagne personalised wine charms

DIY Personalised wine charms

How to Make

DIY Personalised Wine Charms
What You Need:
  • Wine charm rings
  • Beads to thread onto the rings (make sure the hole in the bead is big enough to thread the bead onto the wire ring)
  • Pliers for bending wire rings
Where to Buy:

All these materials can be found in craft and beading shops and the craft section of discount stores.

How to make personalised wine charms

  1. Open the wine charm ring.
  2. Use the pliers to straighten the end of the wine charm.
  3. Thread the beads onto the wine charm in the correct order that you have decided.
  4. Use the pliers to bend the end of the wire back to a 90 degrees angle.

Champagne Charms 2

wine charms on wine barrel

You can create any sort of wine charm just by changing the beads and charms.  When I was making the wine charms, I was suddenly craving champagne, so I decided to make a little sign full of bubbles.  If you like the champagne printable I made, you can download it by clicking on it (It may take a little while to load as it’s a big file for good quality printing).  Cheers!

champagne printable