Renowned garden designer Paul Bangay, has released a new range of Sunbrella outdoor fabrics that are perfect for outdoor cushions and upholstery.  Named after his property ‘Stonefields’ the collection reflects his timeless elegant style.

paul bangay 1

‘I drew my inspiration from the colours and patterns that I see at my own garden Stonefields. Fresh greens of the new spring growth and the intense autumunal tones of our cold autumns. I was definitely inspired from plants and trees I work with’ says Paul.

paul bangay stone fields outdoor fabrics

Earthy terracotta’s and leafy greens, marine blues and chic monotones exude a sense of beauty and space, celebrating the colours of natural tranquility. The fabric’s stylized motifs echo an affinity with the symmetry and balance so often seen in a Bangay garden.


‘I decided to design a fabric range because I was frustrated with the lack of green and reds in the outdoor fabric ranges that existed. ’

paul bangay collage


The Stonefields Collection is a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary design, perfect for every home.

Paul Bangay Stonefields outdoor fabrics are available from

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