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Christmas Gift Wrapping

When it comes to wrapping your Christmas gifts to place under your tree, you can choose any colour or theme, just like decorating your tree.  Using natural brown paper makes a great background for Diy-ideas, you can be as creative as you want and involve all the family.  You can find the Diy bow instructions […]

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Christmas Decorating Ideas that Cost Next to Nothing

christmas decorating ideas budget pinecones

It’s nearly Christmas, and maybe you’ve run out of time or money to decorate the house.  Here are some great Christmas decorating ideas that cost next to nothing, and will give your home some festive spirit. Tree Branches Look in your backyard or the local park for some good shaped tree branches and use them […]

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How to make a Rosemary Wreath

How to make a Rosemary Wreath.  Make this simple wreath to adorn your Christmas table, front door or to add charm to your decor.  Add a ribbon bow to style your wreath, see our How to tie the perfect bow tutorial.   Make a stunning and festive display  grouping your Wreaths in the window. Try this […]

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Outdoor Showers

Outdoor shower design ideas

Whether you are poolside or beachside, outdoor showers are a great addition to your garden.  If you are contemplating installing an outdoor shower at your home, here are some design elements to consider when making your plans. Image via Trendspanarna Design Elements for an Outdoor Shower: Plumbing – You will need to connect a water […]

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Build your own Terrarium

Build your own Terrarium or buy one already complete from Little Lands.  Terrariums require little watering, they don’t take up much space and are generally easy to care for.   These little green and lush vignettes create interest and liven up a space in your home. Little Lands is known for the intricate design of traditional […]

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Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks Australia

Christmas stockings might look lovely hanging from the mantle, but if you’ve got younger children you’re going to need a Santa Sack.  There’s just no way a giant Lego box or play set is going to fit in a stocking.  We’ve rounded up some of the cutest Santa Sacks we can find in Australia.     […]

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Stylish Christmas Tables

Transform your table for Christmas with some stylish Christmas table inspiration for your home.  Layer your table with colour and texture and get inspired with these beautiful and easy decorating ideas. Provincial Home Living pretty glass bird decoration looks great pinned on a tree, a wreath or a present. Decorate your table setting by clipping your […]

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