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An Organised Pantry

I love an organised pantry, whether you have a small kitchen cupboard or a walk in pantry, being organised can help your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. The first step to having a beautifully organised pantry is to clear out any items that are no longer needed or beyond their use by date.  Wipe down […]

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Luxury Dog Beds for Posh Puppies

Bella Blue dog bed border collie

Does your dog deserve a little luxury?  What about a designer dog bed?  Many of the standard dog beds available are fine if your dog sleeps outside or in a kennel, but what if your precious pup sleeps inside, then you are going to need a dog bed that works with your interior decor.  If […]

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5 Simple Tips for a Kitchen Makeover

Are you looking to makeover your kitchen in a weekend.  The kitchen is the centre of our homes where our family spends most of the time together, a fresh new makeover for your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive and can be completed in only a few days.  These five simple tips will give your […]

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3 Ways to Style Your Throws

ways to style a throw

As the weather cools down, it’s that time of the year when we snuggle up on our sofa and pull a warm cozy throw over us.  There’s something about pulling a throw or blanket up over your legs that instantly warms you up on those cooler nights, but what do you do with the throw […]

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Gorgeous Blue Bedlinen

Gorgeous blue bed linen. I love shopping for new bed linen and I am always on the look out for something new and anything blue for my bedroom. Investing in good quality bed linen is essential, especially when we spend almost a third of our lives in bed. Image | Lazy Bones This beautiful Rosette bedding […]

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How to Use Paint Sample Pots Properly

Resene Paint sample pots and fandeck

So you want to paint your room, and you’ve collected colour charts and paint swatches galore.  Finally you narrow it down do a few choices and head off to buy some paint sample pots, but before you throw that paint on the wall, read our tips for how to use paint sample pots properly. I […]

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Simple ways to decorate with trays

Trays are one of my favourite decorating pieces.  They will instantly create an organised display for grouping various pretty items together.  Use decorative trays in your livingroom, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.  A tray can bring both a functional and a decorative element to a space. Use trays to organise items in your living room such as […]

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