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All you need to know about Farmhouse Sinks

I have a farmhouse sink in my kitchen as well as one in the laundry.  I have been using them for eight years now.  Today I am going to tell you what you need to know about having a farmhouse sink in your home . Image: Bella Mancini Design Farmhouse sinks are also known as […]

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Decorating Quiz: Are you a DIY Decorator?

Take our fun quiz to see if you are a DIY Decorator.  Simply answer our 9 quiz questions to see how much of a DIY Decorator you are. [os-widget path=”/stylishkylie/are-you-a-diy-decorator” of=”stylishkylie” comments=”false”] How Did you go? Share your results on Facebook or comment below to let us know.  Do you ‘faff’?

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Winter Throw Rug Collection

Coastal style blog

Winter is the perfect time to add colour and texture to your home with a warm throw rug.  Today we have chosen twelve gorgeous throws to keep you warm all winter long. Image | Coastal Style Blog A throw rug is perfect for protecting a light coloured sofa as well as keeping you warm. Image: […]

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White Exterior Paint Colour Ideas

White Exterior Paint Colour

It’s no secret that I have a white painted house.  Maybe you’re considering painting your house exterior white?  But which white and what colour do you put with it?  Here are some ideas and paint colours I have found if you want to paint your house white. White with Black Trim This is my house. […]

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How to Care for Succulent Plants

How to care for a Succulent plant

Its no secret, I love an indoor plant.  Succulents are a very popular and low maintenance indoor and outdoor plant, there are many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.  Today we have some tips on how to care for your succulent indoors. Watering Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves.  Water your […]

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