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Decorating Plan – Understanding Your Room

Neutral Cushion Collection

Welcome to week one of How to Create a Decorating Plan.  This week, we’ll cover Step 1 – Understanding Your Room.  Before you can decorate a room, you need to understand the physical aspects of the room.  Things like it’s size and shape, where the doors and windows are, and how how the ceilings are. […]

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How to Create a Decorating Plan for Your Home

Decorating Plan

I get asked so many questions about decorating, but what people really want to know is how do you get your home to look like the dream picture you have in your mind?  You may have saved countless images to Pinterest, or kept a scrapbook of magazine photos of homes you love the look of. […]

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Tips for a Cozy Winter Bed

Cozy Winter Bed

As we approach the end of May, winter weather is well on the way.  After a long cold day, all you want to do is cuddle up in a warm cozy bed.  So warm and cozy that you don’t want to leave it in the morning.  Here are some tips to create a cozy winter […]

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Answering the Most Asked Questions About my House

Magnolia Wreath

We moved into our house 5 years ago.  I have been posting photos of my house on instagram and Facebook that whole time.  I hope my photos help you to decorate your homes or inspire you with ideas. The great thing about social media is that you can have conversations and interact with each other. […]

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Finding a Traditional Kitchen Tap

roses in kitchen sink

I’m on the hunt for a new kitchen tap, but of course I want it to be pretty and in a classic traditional style.  Our tap isn’t that old, but it started leaking before I went away and 6 weeks later when I got back was dripping constantly.  Here’s the tap we have now. This […]

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A European Adventure Awaits

Riviera Maison Flagship Store The Hague

Well I must admit, I’ve run out of time.  I had all these grand ideas of writing several blog posts to share over the next few weeks, but I have really run out of time. On Tuesday, my 16 year old daughter and I head to Europe for nearly 6 weeks.  Some quality mother/daughter time, […]

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How to Hang Boat Oars on the Wall

How to Hang Boat Oars on the Wall

Have you seen photos of boat oars hung on the wall and wondered how they hang them?  Perhaps you even have some boat oars, but you’re not sure how to hang them on the wall.  Well, I am lucky enough to have a beautiful set of boat oars from Oars Galore and here is how […]

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