Whether you are poolside or beachside, outdoor showers are a great addition to your garden.  If you are contemplating installing an outdoor shower at your home, here are some design elements to consider when making your plans.

Outdoor shower design ideas

Image via Trendspanarna

Design Elements for an Outdoor Shower:

  • Plumbing – You will need to connect a water supply to your shower head/taps.  This might be simply connecting a garden hose, or providing dedicated hot and cold water pipes.
  • Drainage – You will need to provide drainage for the shower water.  This can be natural drainage such as pebbles or a sloping surface to direct water away, or you may install a drain pipe that is connected to your storm water or recycled in your garden (grey water).
  • Flooring – Nobody wants to take a shower standing in muddy soil.  Choose a floor surface that is non-slippery and will provide good drainage.  Materials to consider are stone, concrete, treated timber, pavers, tiles and pebbles.
  • Waterproofing – If your outdoor shower is up against the house make sure the water will not cause damage or problems.  It may be necessary to provide some waterproofing especially up against weatherboards.
  • Privacy – Will you use the shower for bathing or just rinsing off?  An open shower is fine for rinsing off, but if you wish to take a shower you may want to provide some privacy such as a screen, partition, or shower curtain made with outdoor fabric.
  • Fittings – consider the type and material of fittings.  Fitting may include: shower rose, taps, hand held shower head (great for washing dogs), exposed pipes, and drain.  Consider adding a tap lower down for washing sandy feet.  Also consider the material of the fittings and how they will age exposed to the elements.  Use rust resistant fixtures.
  • Lighting – if you plan to use the outdoor shower at night, provide adequate lighting.
  • Storage – Add a niche or shelf for holding supplies.  Provide storage for towels such as cubby holes, buckets and hooks for hanging towels and clothing.
  • Seating – Include a bench seat or stool in your design
  • Design – design your outdoor shower to harmonise with it’s surroundings, using similar or complimentary building materials, and landscaping.  Also add touches of decor to enhance the design.  For example, a nautical setting might include anchor hooks and rope towel holders.

outdoor showers design ideasImage on the left via Michaela Scherrer Interiors – We love the exposed plumbing and large shower rose, timber flooring and timber bench tray for holding toiletries.  Image on the right via House & Home – Here the white timber slats blend the outdoor shower to the house.  We love the tap down low for washing feet, the shower curtain which pulls across for privacy, and the decorative timber stool for storage and seating.

outdoor showers design ideas

Image on left via Klikk Blog – We love the handheld shower head, the timber ladder for towels, and the rustic timber stool for storage.  Image on right via Mina Gladjeamnen Blog – We love the concrete slab floor with natural pebble drainage, the exposed pipes and the basket for towels.

outdoor showers design ideasSome more outdoor shower design ideas from Houzz Australia.

Shopping for Outdoor Showers

You can purchase materials for your outdoor shower from plumbing and landscaping stores.  Have a look at Heritage Bathware or The English Tapware Company.  There are also a couple of businesses in Australia that specialise in outdoor shower fittings such as Aquapole and Rainware Outdoor Showers.  Solar powered outdoor shower poles are available by special order from Bunnings.