Outdoor cushions are a great way to decorate your outdoor space.  The Australian climate is harsh, and to ensure your cushions will last, it’s important to choose cushions made from specially treated outdoor fabric.

Outdoor Cushions styling

outdoor cushions styling

Images from Pottery Barn.

Why Choose Outdoor Fabrics?

  1. The fabric is UV treated to be fade resistant
  2. The fabric is water resistant so it will repel water and dry quickly
  3. The fabric is mildew resistant so it will not grow mildew when it gets wet

Outdoor cushions are made from 100% polyester so they won’t absorb water and dirt, and the fabric can be coated with the above treatments.  Being polyester, some outdoor fabrics will be a little stiff, whilst others have a softer cotton like feel.

Always use a 100% polyester insert in outdoor cushions that is 5cm bigger than your cushion cover.  For example, a 45cm square cover should have a 50cm square insert. Do not store cushions whilst wet.

outdoor cushions styling

PB outdoor cushions

 Styling Tips for Outdoor Cushions

  • Colour – Don’t be afraid to use bright colours in your outdoor cushions.  There is good light outside, so bright colours will work well.  You can mix up colours but a good tip is to choose 2 colours for your outdoor cushion collection, then use pattern for interest.
  • Pattern – Use a mix of plain and patterned cushions.  If you have a lot of cushions, mixing up the patterns rather than the colours can work well.  Combine plains with stripes, paisley, chevron or other patterns.  Link the different patterns with a common colour scheme.
  • Shapes – Use a mix of different size or shape cushions.  You can use larger square cushions at the back with smaller square or rectangle cushions at the front.  Bolster cushions are also a good option.

Take a look at all these pictures and see how Pottery Barn have used colour, pattern and shape to style the different outdoor areas.

outdoor cushion styling

PB outdoor cushions 3

outdoor cushions

All images in this story are from Pottery Barn.

We’ll be back on Friday with our list of top places to buy outdoor cushions from.